Goodbye, Watermelons! Until Next Year…

I am Hoosier born and bred — right smack in the watermelon belt. My dad is a produce shipper. My brother is a farmer. I just eat the melons they bring me. Now that the end of summer is here, that won’t be for many, many more months.

My girls are sad to see another watermelon season behind us, as we set our sights on apples, squash, and pumpkins. In the meantime, there are still plenty of fun ways to enjoy watermelons all year long. Crafts, watermelon-inspired treats, makeup — I was pretty amazed by the variety of ideas once I started looking.

Here are 13 ways to keep watermelon season alive throughout the year:

  • Eye Makeup 1 of 12
    Eye Makeup
    Whoa. I totally couldn't rock this, but I could see my girls really digging it for an afternoon of dress up.
    Photo and tutorial via Dona Floridna
  • Sherbet Pie 2 of 12
    Sherbet Pie
    Lime, pineapple, and raspberry sherbet with mini chocolate chips — yum! And just so cute.
    Photo and tutorial via Make It, Take It
  • Knit Hat 3 of 12
    Knit Hat
    I don't knit — at all — but this watermelon cap tutorial is so straight forward, it almost makes me think I can.
    Photo and tutorial via Yarn Harlot
  • Cookie Bites 4 of 12
    Cookie Bites
    Take a bite out of your watermelons with a scalloped cookie cuter before they're baked. Then, try to stop yourself from taking several more!
    Photo and tutorial via Glorious Treats
  • Pancake Slices 5 of 12
    Pancake Slices
    Chocolate chip pancakes? Sold! These will be yummy and adorable at the breakfast (or dinner!) table.
    Photo and tutorial via The Idea Room
  • Tulle Tutu 6 of 12
    Tulle Tutu
    Add a third layer of green tulle, and you have an adorable watermelon tutu. My youngest absolutely loves a tutu!
    Photo and tutorial via Ashley's Crafts
  • Rice Krispie Treats 7 of 12
    Rice Krispie Treats
    I made pink rice krispie treats for a baby shower last week by sorting out the pink marshmallows in a pastel package. Now there's a use for the green ones, too!
    Photo and tutorial via Dine and Dish
  • Cupcake Cones 8 of 12
    Cupcake Cones
    Watermelon cupcakes would be pretty fun on their own, but baking them in colored ice cream cones is just brilliant!
    Photo and tutorial via Hoosier Homemade
  • Nail Art 9 of 12
    Nail Art
    These nail art pictures just blow me away. I can barely get a solid color on both hands. How cute are these watermelon nails, though?
    Photo and tutorial via Holy Manicures
  • Bead Art 10 of 12
    Bead Art
    We always have beads lying around here from craft projects. I think I'll let the girls tackle a few watermelon keychains.
    Photo and tutorial via Free Kids' Crafts
  • Watermelon Fudge 11 of 12
    Watermelon Fudge
    I thought this was just an adorable colored fudge recipe, but a 1/2 teaspoon of watermelon flavoring makes it actual watermelon fudge.
    Photo and tutorial via Cookies and Cups
  • Hairbows 12 of 12
    My girls have every watermelon bow imaginable — except this one! With red polka-dot and green ribbon, this watermelon slice hairbow is simple and sweet.
    Photo and tutorial via Hip Girl Clips

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