Hand-Me-Down Style: Making It Work for Your Kids

With 3 girls spaced fairly evenly, we use a lot of hand-me-downs to save money. Even the teen often gets clothes passed down from her aunts. The key to making it work starts with buying quality clothing that lasts through multiple kids.

Then, you have to convince your kids to wear their older siblings’ castoffs. Each of my girls has her own distinct style, and big sister’s hand-me-downs aren’t always a good fit, even if the size is right. I try to keep that in mind when choosing what to keep and what to donate — anything that is quite clearly not the next kid’s style just isn’t worth saving. It will end up in the back of the closet, never to be seen again.

Our hand-me-down strategy makes it work well for any kid. I pair a few used pieces with something new that is uniquely her. The teen wears her favorite jeans with castoff tees from my older sisters. The tween wears her sisters hand-me-down tees and hoodies with the brand of jeans she loves best — and a brightly colored flair that is all her.

The little is the most flexible, but as the youngest of three, she likes to know there is something that is just hers. It often comes down to the shoes — my girls are rough on footwear! — paired with an outfit she coveted when her older sister wore it the first time around.

Adding just one new piece to the outfit — a cami under a passed down hoodie, a sweater over a hand-me-down dress or even just shiny new shoes to make her smile. It’s all about making kids feel good about what their wearing.

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