Happy Tax Day!

Yesterday, a radio DJ mentioned that today was Tax Day. My youngest, so used to celebrating random holidays, got very excited.

“What do we have to do?!”

I explained the concept of taxes, in very general terms for a 6-year-old, and let my girls know that it was already done. I had completed our filing over the weekend and only needed to mail a check to the IRS and the state.

The girls understand that we share a portion of our income with the government to help pay for roads, police officers, firefighters, and schools, but Lorelai was so disappointed that there wouldn’t be a celebration.

That’s when I turned to my friend Brooke, our resident theme party expert. She suggested counting games, playing Monopoly, and then requested an extension to come up with more ideas.

I kind of feel bad that I mailed our tax payments without Lorelai — she just seemed so excited about it. But, the line in the afternoons will be so much worse than waiting for them to open first thing this morning. I’ll be sure to tell her all about it when she gets home from school.

It’s a good chance to talk with all three girls about being responsible citizens, money management, and how government works. Besides, they’re already familiar with the concept of taxes — each girl paid out the required Mom Candy Tax from their Easter basket haul just last week.

I’m all about education.
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