Hit the Road — 14 Summer Travel Games for Kids!

Getting ready for those summer road trips? Cut down on the “Are we there yet??” question with these awesome travel game ideas for kids of ALL ages — from detailed packing lists and printable worksheets, to easy-to-make games and ways to make the time go faster.

You’re sure to find at least one tip you can use to keep little hands busy on the road: check out all these great ideas after the break!


  • Car Game iPhone App 1 of 14
    Car Game iPhone App

    Keep the kids occupied with this inexpensive iPhone app -- with over 100 games for the car. Check it out in iTunes.
    Learn more at

  • Printable Car Games 2 of 14
    Printable Car Games

    Print these fun car games -- like bingo. You can even laminate them and use dry erase markers on them.
    Learn more at
    Mom's Minivan

  • Dollar Store Magnetic Car Games 3 of 14
    Dollar Store Magnetic Car Games

    As with so many things, the dollar store is a great source for supplies for magnetic car games. Check out these great ideas for magnetic games to keep people occupied.
    Learn more at
    Lady Bird Lane

  • Car Game Tote 4 of 14
    Car Game Tote

    If you're like us, it's hard to keep all of the little pieces of car games together in one place. Try this great idea for a tote to keep it all together.
    Learn more at
    The Activity Mom

  • Car Trip Survival Pack 5 of 14
    Car Trip Survival Pack

    Try this detailed set of ideas for surviving a car trip with kids. It's full of ideas, practical tips, and road-tested techniques.
    Learn more at
    Stephanie Howell

  • Cookie Sheet Car Games 6 of 14
    Cookie Sheet Car Games

    Here's another great idea that uses unexpected supplies to keep the kids entertained!
    Learn more at
    Choose To Thrive

  • Mickey Matching Car Game 7 of 14
    Mickey Matching Car Game

    Paint chips -- how do I love thee? I love thee when you make a great matching game to keep my kids quiet in the car!
    Learn more at
    Dixie Delights

  • Car Games for Babies 8 of 14
    Car Games for Babies

    Don't leave the babies unentertained, and you can only play so much baby einstein videos. Try these great car games for babies!
    Learn more at
    Mom's Minivan

  • Car Games for Toddlers 9 of 14
    Car Games for Toddlers

    Check out this extensive list of great ideas to keep toddlers quiet and occupied on those long trips. A variety of activities is the key!
    Learn more at
    Mom's Minivan

  • Travel Folio Games 10 of 14
    Travel Folio Games

    Here's a great idea - that can even involve some simple sewing if you are up for it -- that puts reusable games in a handy folio.
    Learn more at
    Stitch Craft Creations

  • Travel Ticket Game 11 of 14
    Travel Ticket Game

    This fun travel ticket game helps kids visualize how long is left in the trip with fun printables. Check it out.
    Learn more at
    Mom's Minivan

  • Car Bucks for Good Behavior 12 of 14
    Car Bucks for Good Behavior

    Along with excellent suggestions about what to pack to keep kids occupied, you'll love the printable car bucks and tokens. Go read up on it!
    Learn more at
    Prepared Not Scared

  • Busy Bag Exchange Activities for the Car 13 of 14
    Busy Bag Exchange Activities for the Car

    Here are 20 (twenty!) great ideas for building a busy bag of activities for the car. They're all easy to make and keep the kids busy.
    Learn more at
    Second Story Window

  • Educational Worksheets for Car Trips 14 of 14
    Educational Worksheets for Car Trips

    Hard to beat the tried and true worksheet! Check out the printable worksheets at this great site.
    Learn more at
    Super Teacher Worksheets

How do you keep your kids entertained on trips?? Do you have any travel games YOUR family loves?? Share them in the comments. We would love to know!!


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