This ‘Hocus Pocus’ Purse Is Leaving Us Spellbound!

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The spookiest time of year is nearly upon us and we have the most stylish Halloween DIY calling your name. With a paper bag, paint, and some DIY witchcraft, you can transform an old, damaged book into this DIY Hocus Pocus Spell Book Purse.

Hocus Pocus purse
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Instead of running amok trying to find a costume, don all black and wear this ghoulish fashion accessory — to channel your inner Sanderson Sister anywhere you go.

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You’ll leave people spellbound!

Hocus Pocus purse supplies
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Hocus Pocus Spell Book Purse


  • Old book
  • Craft knife
  • Rope
  • Twine
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun and glue
  • Paper bag
  • Shellac (like this from Amazon)
  • Large and medium paintbrushes
  • Tacky glue
  • Rectangle foam core
  • Marker
  • Wire
  • Wire cutter (like this from Amazon)
  • Metal chain
  • Cream and silver acrylic paint
  • Velcro closure (like these from Amazon)
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Embellishments: rubber snakes and fake eyeball
  • Brown puffy paint


  1. Use craft knife to cut the pages out of the book.
  2. Cut multiple pieces of rope and hot glue them across the front and back cover of the book to create “seams.”

    Hocus Pocus purse
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  3. Cut small strips of twine and hot glue them horizontally along the book’s spine to resemble old leather binding. (Make sure these strips are evenly spaced out going down the spine.)
  4. Remove the handles and bottom of the paper bag with scissors, then crumble the bag together into a ball. Dip in water and wring out any excess water. Smooth paper flat.
  5. Once the paper is dry, paint with shellac.
  6. Open up the book and paint the covers and spine with tacky glue.

    Hocus Pocus purse
    image source: babble
  7. Smooth paper bag over the entire book design until bag is smooth and the “seams” show through. Fold edges over and glue down to inside of cover. Use tacky glue to add excess pieces of paper bag to completely cover the inside of the book. Let dry.

    Hocus Pocus purse
    image source: babble
  8. Trace the book pages onto foam core and cut out with craft knife. Cut enough to match the thickness of the book. Then cut out the center of each. The foam should now resemble frames.
  9. Start hot gluing your foam core together to create a stack, until you get to the center piece. With wire cutter, cut two pieces of wire and insert each piece into the ends of the chain. Wrap the wires around the bottom of this center foam so that the chain hangs. Hot glue the other foam core on top to finish the stack. Let dry.

    Hocus Pocus purse
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  10. Cover the outside of the foam stack with cream paint. Let dry.
  11. Line and hot glue inside and sides of foam stack with pieces of the paper bag.
  12. Hot glue foam stack to inside of the book on the right. Hot glue velcro closure to the foam stack as well as the front cover so the purse can open and close.
  13. Use ruler and pencil to draw page lines along the side of the foam stack.

    Hocus Pocus purse
    image source: babble
  14. Create rope details by looping pieces of rope and painting them silver. Cut off head of rubber snake, paint silver, and glue to rope. Repeat, then hot glue these embellishments on the upper and lower right corners of book. Then add a piece of silver rope along the left side of the book.

    Hocus Pocus purse
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  15. For the eyeball embellishment, hot glue onto the book cover. Cut two eyelids out of excess paper bag and hot glue over the eye. Glue a piece of silver rope around it.

    Hocus Pocus purse
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  16. Add brown puffy paint details to the spine, front, and back of the book.

    Hocus Pocus purse
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  17. Add your personal belongs — like potions and lip gloss — inside the purse and enjoy!

    Hocus Pocus purse
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hocus pocus purse diy
image source: babble

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