The Rainbow Connection: 10 Colorful Ways to Make Your Home Pop!

Wallpaper by Julia Rothman at Hygge & West

It’s that time of the year again. While fall is known for its gorgeous oranges and reds, once the leaves fall, everything becomes somewhat … monochrome. It’s still pitch black by the time you wake up, dark again before dinnertime, and a discomfiting shade of gray all day in between (don’t even get us started on Daylight Savings Time). If you don’t want to shell out for a sun lamp, brew a cup of your favorite tea, put some hearty food in the slow cooker, and curl up to these great ideas for brightening a space until the sun comes out again.

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  • Paint your front door 1 of 10
    Paint your front door
    Everyone will know whose door they're knockin' on when you paint it in a stand-out color. It's an easy change that you can make in an afternoon: try yellows, bring pinks, or turquoises to truly make a statement.
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  • Paint your floor 2 of 10
    Paint your floor
    These painted floor ideas will make you rethink that carpet or linoleum tile. This example uses a fresh green with stencils — no need for a rug!
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  • Hang some wallpaper 3 of 10
    Hang some wallpaper
    Wallpaper: It's not just for your aunt's ‘60s living room! Try hanging an illustrative, statement-making print like this on one wall as an accent.
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  • Ignore the walls 4 of 10
    Ignore the walls
    If you're not up for painting the floor or applying wallpaper, you can easily use bright accents (no glue or paint required!) to make the room shine.
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  • Get crafty with your rugs … 5 of 10
    Get crafty with your rugs ...
    A homemade rug is a great way to throw in whichever color you think your room needs — and it's an easy option for renters who need to beat the black-and-white blahs. This version was made by sewing potholders together.
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  • … Or look for that magic carpet 6 of 10
    ... Or look for that magic carpet
    If you're not feeling like DIY-ing your home makeover, hop on the chevron trend instead. We're big fans of this pink one, which livens up a space without feeling too princess-y. While the chevron style was first created by top designer Madeline Weinrib, there are many more affordable options today.
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  • Rework your desk 7 of 10
    Rework your desk
    Who says walls and floors get to have all the fun? We'd be a lot more eager to tackle that mountain of email if we could do it at this amazing pink desk. (Okay, it might look red in the photo, but it's pink, we swear!) If it's not in your budget, head to the paint store and freshen up an old desk with a bright new look.
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  • Fill your fireplace 8 of 10
    Fill your fireplace
    If you've got a gorgeous mantle over an unused fireplace, why not swap out traditional logs with pretty thrift-store titles? It's a fun, inventive way to reuse an otherwise forgotten space and give it a presence in the room.
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  • Decorate with toys 9 of 10
    Decorate with toys
    If those too-clean houses just don't seem realistic, let the kids color in a fun cardboard castle like this one! The toys are everywhere anyway, so take playtime to aesthetic new heights!
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  • Try vintage pieces 10 of 10
    Try vintage pieces
    If you've got space in your budget (and your house!), why not consider an amazing vintage-style fridge like this one? Hunting down one of these may be harder than stopping by your local appliance store, but the cheery way it transforms a kitchen is worth it.
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