House Tour: Molly Elmer

Molly is the creator and editor of My Favorite Things. She lives in Texas with her husband and adorable three boys. Today she is sharing her home with us through the prettiest photographs taken by the talented Stephanie Read of Auburn Soul Photography.

Thank you Molly (and Stephanie)!


Tell me a little bit about your family…

Matthew is the bearded dad.  Molly is the freckled mom.  And together we have three boys!
Tyler 6. Benjamin (almost) 5. And Nicholas turns one on Halloween.  Our house is never quiet and always full of crazy.

How do you make a house a home?

Paint on the walls.  Framed artwork from my children. Over sized personal photographs.  I want my house to feel lived in.  When you walk in I want my home to tell a story of laughter, of love, of my family.  My house my never look model home worthy but it will be a place where friends and family like to gather.

How long have you lived in your home?

6 1/2 years.  Much longer than we imagined.

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Did you have to renovate?

No. Our home was new when we bought it.  We painted most of the house and also our kitchen cupboards.  But no major renovations.

How do you approach decorating?

I don’t boast of being design savvy and am not sure what one might call my style.  I love gallery walls and simple touches.  I am a neat freak by heart and hate clutter so I tend to shy away from too many knickknacks.

What is your favorite space in your home?

I love Nicholas’ room.  After three boys, I finally created a nursery that I love.  It is simple and in no way screams “a baby sleeps here”.  I am only sad he will be my last because I love his crib bumpers.  So silly of me.


  • Welcome! 1 of 13
    to Molly Elmer's home.
  • Living Room 2 of 13
    Living Room
    The standard is set for her home in this sunny organized living room.
  • Family Room 3 of 13
    Family Room
    What a great gathering and seating area!
  • Dining Room 4 of 13
    Dining Room
    I love the openness of the rooms.
  • The Mantel 5 of 13
    The Mantel
    Molly's families personality shines on and around the mantel.
  • Playroom 6 of 13
    Let the kids play! What a great idea, paint the bunting on the wall.
  • Read 7 of 13
    Plenty of room in the house for quiet corners.
  • Children’s Room 8 of 13
    Children's Room
    With adorable matching beds.
  • Dresser 9 of 13
    No boy's room is complete without Star Wars figurines.
  • Nursery 10 of 13
    Having a bed in a nursery is a must for snuggle time and late nights.
  • Accessories 11 of 13
    I love that wall vignette!
  • Master Suite 12 of 13
    Master Suite
    His and her pillows add the personal touch.
  • All in a row. 13 of 13
    All in a row.
    Pretty candles and lighting.





Article Posted 5 years Ago

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