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I’m really excited to share this house tour with you today. Ruby’s blog Cakies is one of the first that I fell in love with, mainly for her personal style and her gorgeous kids rooms. Oh, and she is sweet as a button and generous to boot. Okay, so I just love her!

Tell me a little bit about your family …

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I am a mama to four little girls … True, Brave, Soul and our newest little one Glow (Yes, those really are their names!) and I document our adventures over at Cakies. All our girls are pretty close in age: the oldest one is 5 and the youngest was just born. Our house is filled with all kinds of crazy, but it is also filled with lots of joy and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

How do you make a house a home?
We only fill our home with pieces we absolutely love! I have had the mistake of buying something before because it was kind of what I was thinking, but not exactly. Well, those pieces have been kicked out and I have learned that it is better to save your pennies to get exactly what you want and love (while still being realistic and staying within the budget)!

How long have you lived in your home?
We have lived in our home for almost 4 years now.

Did you have to renovate?
We bought a suburban track home outside of Los Angeles. I would love to have bought an older home with lots of character, but those houses in a good neighborhood were way out of our budget. I do love the house we bought and it has lots of character despite the outside of the home looking like every other house on the block. I think we are able to infuse a lot of character into the house by the furniture that we bring in and through our decorating. The only thing I am itching to renovate is to ditch the standard carpet they gave us and put in some pretty wood floors. I am crossing my fingers that we could do that next year.

How do you approach decorating?
I love white walls and infuse color through decorating accents in a room. For example, I love the vintage sap buckets we have in the family room and I think those pop of colors really brings the room to life or the big poster in my daughters’ room provide a nice focal point for the space. We love vintage and almost all of our furniture pieces have lived through another life. I love things looking really worn, chippy, and rusted! We scour all the local flea markets looking for the perfect pieces to fill our home with! It takes a bit of time and patience to fill a home this way.

What is your favorite space/piece in your home?
This question is so hard because I love everything we have, since we only bring in things we love! One of my favorite spaces may be the room my older two girls share. That room is pretty much complete and the only thing I want to add is a mirror over their dresser, but it may take a bit of time to find the perfect one. I think some of my favorite pieces are all the vintage metal beds that we have interspersed throughout the house. We use them as sofas in the common rooms and the girls each have their own as a bed. The iron beds are all so different with their own shapes and chippy patina!

  • Bright and Cheery 1 of 19
    Bright and Cheery
    A beautiful mix of old and new.
  • Family Room 2 of 19
    Family Room
    Open and inviting.
  • Touch of old 3 of 19
    Touch of old
    Also, look at those adorable tulips!
  • Sweet Mantle 4 of 19
    Sweet Mantle
    I love the garland on that mirror.
  • Polariods 5 of 19
    What a great way to display polaroids.
  • Clocks 6 of 19
    Sweet little collection.
  • Gathering Place 7 of 19
    Gathering Place
    A sunny great room.
  • Sharing Space 8 of 19
    Sharing Space
    The great room and the dining room are open.
  • Dinning 9 of 19
    I love those mis-matched chairs.
  • Kids Room 10 of 19
    Kids Room
    Ruby Ellen has some of the prettiest kids rooms around.
  • Let Your Light Shine 11 of 19
    Let Your Light Shine
    They are pretty and colorful.
  • Bright 12 of 19
    They seem like a room I'd want to live in if I were a kid.
  • Vintage Beds 13 of 19
    Vintage Beds
    Her mix of old and new is genius and I love that print.
  • Organize 14 of 19
    Sweet little corner
  • Another Bright Room 15 of 19
    Another Bright Room
    I love that little sweet dollhouse.
  • Collected 16 of 19
    What pretty globes!
  • Play 17 of 19
    Sweet space to play.
  • Hang 18 of 19
    I love how beautiful items are used functionally.
  • White Dresser 19 of 19
    White Dresser
    Goes perfectly with the sweet crib.




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