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I’m so excited about this one! Bewitched, the 2005 movie remake of the TV show of the same name, was the first movie I ever saw that had me drooling over interior set design. Before Bewitched I think it’s safe to say I never even noticed set design!

(That’s not true, when I was 16 I totally based my bedroom decor off of Buffy’s bedroom in Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Nerd alert!)

Here we go, the cutest stinking movie ever based on a TV show about a witch, the cutest stinking Nora Ephron movie ever made not starring Meg Ryan, and the cutest stinking rose-covered cottage of my dreams, after the jump!

  • Exterior 1 of 17
    White picket fence, flourishing pale roses, the perfect stone pathway, yes, I must say, this is the ultimate feminine cottage home.
  • Exterior 2 of 17
    And it has a sprinkler system! Fun fact: this home belongs to a family friend of director Nora Ephron, who just happens to be the actress who played nosy neighbor Gladys Kravitz in the original Bewitched television show. Right? Nutty.
  • No boys allowed! 3 of 17
    No boys allowed!
    This home is just every girl's dream come true. These interiors, built on a sound stage to match the home's exterior, are basically every girl's dream come true. We have a chandelier positively dripping with crystals, quaint archways, a full wall of windows overlooking the perfect garden, and furniture so mismatched it's swung all the way back around to perfectly perfect. What do you suppose they call that buttery, creamy, off-white color on that woodwork? "Heaven?"
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    Living Room
    The sweetest little fireplace, of course the perfect entrance for Isabel's (Nicole Kidman) myriad of bizarre witchy family members. (Painted brick always looks delightfully feminine and hides a host of imperfections.)
  • Sofa? Settee? Love seat? 5 of 17
    Sofa? Settee? Love seat?
    A dainty little floral print on a sweetly-curved sofa is the perfect counterpoint to those heavily laced curtains. The clear glass lamps are a nice, light touch to the room, as are the wild-looking clumps of flowers bunched about the room. I especially enjoy how it contrasts with that sinister-looking black cat and that dark sweater (plus that deviously mischievous idea Isabel is clearly plotting). A PLUS!
  • Living Room By Night 6 of 17
    Living Room By Night
    A little Inside The Actor's Studio of course. This living room is dealing with something we dealt with in our little house in Idaho: a terribly short fireplace mantle. What can you do with such limited space when the go-to mantle decor won't fit? Turns out production designer Neil Spisak votes sconces. Ohhh!
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    Living Room
    I have to say, I really love the quaint detail of the small TV on the little rickety bookshelf. Enough with these monstrous built-in wall systems for all your entertainment needs. This is an old-fashioned living room for an old-fashioned girl. Thus, an old-fashioned TV set up. I like it.
    I also really like the tufting on that lovely old arm chair.
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    Dining/Living Room
    The dining area sits between the living room and kitchen in this open floor plan. I love how lived-in this scene feels. The couch is covered in throws and pillows, the dining table has all sorts of random ephemera on it, and Isabel has on the traditional "not doing anything tonight why even bother" get up: fisherman's cable knit turtleneck and pajama pants. Seriously, we all wear this exact ensemble from time to time, don't we?
  • Kitchen 9 of 17
    Oh my gosh, this kitchen! This kitchen is nuts in the best possible way! It is stocked full of clutter. Clutter! Collanders and porcelain bowls and glassware and bottles and magnetized spice jars and crystal door pulls and tea towels and wild flowers and a witch on the windowsill. I love this kitchen because it reflects Isabel's personality: a little bit harried, a little bit cluttered, a little bit all over the place. And not for nothing, but I think my grandmother had the very same medallion cabinet drawers.
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    The way the hanging pots and pans makes a sort of a "second chandelier" right here is pretty amazing.
  • Kitchen 11 of 17
    Clutter! Clutter! Ceramic kitty cat!
  • Kitchen 12 of 17
    Clutter is underrated.
  • Bedroom 13 of 17
    Notably missing from this rom-com heroine's bedroom is the stripes and quilted pillow. Otherwise, we've got the florals down. And the lacy drapes, the same as in the living room, make their second appearance. I would put those drapes on any and all windows, if I had them.
    Isabel's lamps don't match, and it reminds me of a rule I read recently: if the side tables match, so must the lamps. If not, the sky's the limit! You can't really tell from this shot, but it does appear her side tables don't match. Good call, Isabel.
  • Garden porch 14 of 17
    Garden porch
    Wicker settee!
  • Garden Porch 15 of 17
    Garden Porch
    I really admire Nora Ephron's commitment to actress Heather Burns in the plucky sidekick role.
  • Back Yard 16 of 17
    Back Yard
    The perfect setting for all sorts of nighttime hexings, yes?
  • But Wait–There’s More! 17 of 17
    But Wait--There's More!
    Teacups! Teacups along the ceiling!!

As always, movie stills via Hooked on Houses (I really need to buy software so I can make my own screen grabs, got any recommendations?), witty commentary via yours truly.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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