How to Celebrate the Bubbly for New Year’s Eve

Can you believe another year has come and gone? It flew by way too fast. But alas, 2013 is almost here and it’s time to celebrate. Get out the hats, horns, and confetti… let’s party!

But how can you have a party without a little bubbly? Here are 11 ideas to help you serve your drinks DIY style for New Year’s Eve, even something fun for the kids!

  • DIY Star Stir Sticks 1 of 11
    DIY Star Stir Sticks
    Who doesn't want a fancy schmancy stir stick for their fancy schmancy drink?! I do, and these DIY stars are just the ticket.
    Get the instructions over at Somewhere Splendid.
  • Decorated Bubbly Bottle 2 of 11
    Decorated Bubbly Bottle
    Decorate a plain Jane bottle with a little flare for New Years, adding some paper and stickers to jazz it up.
    Get the instructions over at Fiskars.
  • Cranberry Vanilla Cocktail 3 of 11
    Cranberry Vanilla Cocktail
    Give your cranberry vanilla cocktail a little splash with a toothpick of cranberries to top it off.
    Get the drink details over at Mother Nature Network.
  • Slushy Party Punch 4 of 11
    Slushy Party Punch
    Yum-o with this mixed up slushy drink! It's got everything you need to enjoy a New Year.
    Get the instructions over at Bakingdom.
  • Individual Bubbly Bottles 5 of 11
    Individual Bubbly Bottles
    To make it all fair, give everyone their own bottle of bubbly. That way they won't be fighting for it at midnight.
    Get the ideas over at Celebrations at Home.
  • Countdown Wine Charms 6 of 11
    Countdown Wine Charms
    How fun and flashy are these drink charms for your wine or champagne glasses?!
    Get the instructions over at Holiday Crafts and Creations.
  • Countdown Toast 7 of 11
    Countdown Toast
    Give everyone a numbered glass, made with stickers, and they can all join in on counting down to the New Year.
    Get the instructions over at Martha Stewart.
  • Glitter Glassware 8 of 11
    Glitter Glassware
    Yes, this is what New Year's is all about, glitter and glam. These glasses are fun to craft and even more fun to drink out of, everyone with their own glittery color.
    Get the instructions over at Inspire Design and Create.
  • Kids personalized Glasses 9 of 11
    Kids personalized Glasses
    At the kid's craft table for New Years, let the kids create their own craft foam charm for their drinking cups.
    Get the instructions over at Make and Takes.
  • Milk and Sprinkles Cups 10 of 11
    Milk and Sprinkles Cups
    Even the kids can feel all sparkly and fancy with these sprinkle dipped milk glasses.
    Get the instructions over at Martha Stewart.
  • Craft Cups for Kids 11 of 11
    Craft Cups for Kids
    Let the kids craft up some fun personalized cups for the New Year. Go crazy with pipe cleaners, stickers, and their plastic cups of bubbly.
    Get the instructions over at Make and Takes.

How are you celebrating the New Year? Are you hosting the party this year?

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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