How to Create a Launch Pad for Easier Mornings

One of the things that helps us get moving quickly in the mornings is our entryway launch pad. Here we have everything we need to get out the door on time. Homework? Shoes? Keys? Check, check, and check!

It was a slow process, but we’ve finally pieced together everything we need for an organized entry that doubles as our morning command center. It’s a complicated system, but it keeps my chaos in check. Here is what you need:

    • Wreath Hangers: Using over-the-door hooks, I keep the backpacks off the floor and at the door where we need them. The girls can grab their bag on the way out the door. I have a 2nd one on our other door for my favorite reusable grocery bag, too.


    • Charging Station: This was quite possibly my greatest Black Friday purchase EVER. With the surge bar hidden and the cords contained, we have room for all of our phones to charge right at the front door.


    • Return Basket: Having a place in your entry for things that need to be returned is essential for avoiding late fees. No more overdue library books or Redbox rentals!


    • Key Hanger: A spot for the keys is one of the first things we hung in the entryway. There’s a hook for each of us and family pictures to boot. Although, one of them may or may not be the original photo that came with the frame several years ago.


    • Coat Rack: Coats, umbrellas, and my purse are hung on hooks for grab-and-go simplicity. The fact that there’s a mirror attached is a handy bonus for final checks as you walk out the door.


    • Storage Bench: Here is where I contain the various paraphenalia that used to land on the entryway floor — gloves, hats, and scarves in the winter, beach towels, sunscreen, and swim gear in the summer! And, the bench gives the girls a place to sit while they put their shoes on before we walk out the door.


  • Storage Bins: I love having a storage bin for each member of the family. It’s the perfect way to keep the “extras” we always want to keep by the entrance. A pair of shoes, wallet, binders for evening activities, etc. Upgrading from a 6-cube organizer to the Martha Stewart 8-cube system even gave the dog her own bin for leashes and her harness. We use the extra bins for keeping things that need to go to other people. I always seem to have a pile of stuff for my mom and best friend. This keeps it accessible when I’m off to see them.

What helps you stay organized in the mornings?

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