How to Create Canvas Word Art

A few years ago, we saw sign in a little shop that made us think of the hubby’s parents. Go Jump in the Lake was the perfect wall hanging for his humor and her lake house decor. We didn’t buy it at the time, and it was gone when we went back a few months later. So, we had to improvise and make our own.

It’s such a simple, personal, and inexpensive gift. We’ll be doing a few more for Christmas and our own home.

First, choose a word, phrase or quote. You’ll want to select letters that are an appropriate fit for your canvas. We went with 3-inch letters for a 12×12 canvas, but I just picked up smaller ones on clearance the other day for longer quotes. Lay out the letters, then line them up. We right-aligned ours an inch or two from the edge of the canvas.

Once you stick the letters on, seal the edges as tightly as you can. Then it’s just a matter of painting over them! The rustic look we wanted was created by blending brown and cream paints. This is just basic acrylic paint from the craft section. Take care to paint along the edges of the letters to be sure that you aren’t leaving extra white space behind. You can also add details like our hand-drawn border, flowers or related symbols.

From there, it’s just a matter of removing the letters and admiring your work! Once it was dry, the hubby decided he didn’t like the plain canvas look, so he went over the letters in the lighter color for a little more definition. You could even paint the entire canvas in one color, then add your letters once it’s dry to paint another color.

It really is just so easy, and you could paint a variety of surfaces, colors or designs. We were trying to decide if we wanted to create the sign on wood like the inspiration piece or canvas, when the craft store had a buy one, get one free sale on canvas. Frugality wins, and now we have a 2nd canvas for another project!

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