How to Get Rid of Your Kids’ Artwork Without Guilt

I know, I know — everything they make is just so precious. I love to have drawings and paints on my fridge, and there are tons of adorable ways to display kids’ art out there. But, let’s be honest — we just can’t keep it all.

When my oldest first started kindergarten, we kept every drawing, every craft, every piece of artwork that came home. Until I realized I was never going to do anything with it. And, quite frankly, it wasn’t all awesome. I’m not ashamed to admit I’ve hidden the occasional kids’ paper in the bottom of the recycle bin, but I’ve also come up with a few more ways to get it out of our house without upsetting the girls!

  • Mail a few to Grandma. Grandparents love to see what the kids are working on. (And, they kinda miss having little kid art on the fridge.) Put together a package to mail every month or so with a few favorite projects and papers.
  • Mail drawings and paintings to soldiers overseas. We have participated in the Any Soldier program for years. With every package, we add a few hand-drawn pictures and notes. With extra artwork lying around, it’s even easier to drop surprises in the mail at any time.
  • Deliver pictures to nursing homes. There are a lot of older adults who would truly cherish a child’s artwork. It will be even more meaningful if you drop by for a visit, too. (Check out Adopt a Grandparent for information on seniors who long for attention.)
  • Use artwork as gift wrap. Wrap birthday and holiday gifts in your child’s art for unique packages. The kids will love being such a big part of the celebration, the recipient will love the personalized gift, and you’ll get to send a few more papers out of the house!
  • Scan it, then throw it away. If you really want to keep it for yourself, digital storage will free up your space! If you ever decide to display the artwork, you can print a copy from your files. This works well for general drawings and school papers where the medium itself is not important.

Fess up — how do you sneak all that artwork out of the house?

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