How to Host a Charming Country Picnic

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If the warm spring weather doesn’t make you want to host an outdoor party, this will! Take a gander at these gorgeous country picnic party essentials. Whether for a beautiful counrty wedding, or a small Sunday afternoon with family, don’t neglect these irresistible details.

  • Picnic Invitations 1 of 17
    Picnic Invitations
    These adorable invitations are happy and, well... inviting! If those don't make you feel like getting cozy on a picnic blanket, I don't know what will!
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  • Country Invites and Favors 2 of 17
    Country Invites and Favors
    The combination of red and baby blue gingham is perfect for a light-hearted picnic party. And what a great idea to give CDs covered with gingham as favors!
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  • Handkerchief Invitations 3 of 17
    Handkerchief Invitations
    For a fancier gathering, this printed handkerchief invitation is exquisite. Country elegance.
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  • Picnic Baskets for Guests 4 of 17
    Picnic Baskets for Guests
    Why not stick to the true meaning of the word and prepare picnic baskets for your guests? Choose a basket, a blanket, and enjoy!
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  • Picnic Blanket 5 of 17
    Picnic Blanket
    Lay out the blankets and watch the party unfold!
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  • Hay Bale Seating 6 of 17
    Hay Bale Seating
    Add to the country ambience by substituting hay bales for chairs. The combination of the hay and the gorgeous, understated table setting is picnic perfection. I do recommend topping them with quilts however, to avoid a night of itchy discomfort.
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  • Glass Bottle Vases 7 of 17
    Glass Bottle Vases
    This detail isn't unique to picnics, but it does seem a perfect fit. The idea of opening a cupboard, selecting an object, and creatively beautifying it is "country" at its heart. Perfect for centerpieces or simple accents.
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  • Sunflowers and Burlap 8 of 17
    Sunflowers and Burlap
    Two must-haves. The burlap brings an airy, homespun feel, while accentuating the vibrancy of the sunflowers. Burlap can be used as basket/bowl liners as shown here, or as tablecloths or runners.
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  • Hanging Floral Tote 9 of 17
    Hanging Floral Tote
    The vibe of the party emanates from the background details. This hanging tote of fresh flowers shouldn't be overlooked. Hanging from fence posts, railings, or doors, this will dot all the Is.
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  • Silverware Bread Wraps 10 of 17
    Silverware Bread Wraps
    So much to love about these silverware napkin rolls... including the delicious rolls themselves! Love the color palate of the napkins, the twine ties, and of course the inclusion of the appetizer.
  • Cupcakes in a Jar 11 of 17
    Cupcakes in a Jar
    Practical and pretty! When eating on a blanket, getting food from plate to mouth isn't an easy task. Take the balancing act out of dessert and opt for a jar-full of delicious cupcake!
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  • Picnic Table Setting 12 of 17
    Picnic Table Setting
    Don't these guests look like they're having a good time? With the lively centerpieces and cozy accents... like those beautiful lanterns, who wouldn't be? Use citronella candles to keep away the bugs as an added bonus!
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  • Mason Jars 13 of 17
    Mason Jars
    Simple and classic, the mason jar will never go out of style. And I don't think lemonade is quite as refreshing when sipped through any other glass.
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  • Beautiful Picnic Details 14 of 17
    Beautiful Picnic Details
    There are so many things I love about this collage, but what caught my eye was the favor. Fresh peaches!
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  • Hanging Lanterns 15 of 17
    Hanging Lanterns
    Everything about this picturesque scene is calming and inviting, but the element I love most is the hanging lanterns. Opt for different shapes and sizes, and hang at varying heights to show creativity and depth.
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  • Funky Floral Halter Dress 16 of 17
    Funky Floral Halter Dress
    The culmination detail... hostess ensemble. I love this earthy, tattered top. Paired with faded jeans or a worn as a dress, this is the perfect finishing touch.
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  • Vintage Tartan Summer Dress 17 of 17
    Vintage Tartan Summer Dress
    Or go with this southern inspired breezy frock, with ruffled front and woven belt. Add a wedged sandal and host with confidence!
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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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