How To Host A Kid-Friendly Thanksgiving

Ah, the kid’s table. Don’t you love the kid’s table? As a child I always hated sitting at the kid’s table. (I always pictured myself as being on the more mature side of seven, thank you.) But a kid’s table is inevitable. It’s unavoidable! You can’t have your kids mixing with your adults, it’s un-American! Also it’s just not very smart, mixing your heirloom china and entire boats of gravy with your toddlers, I get it.

But there is a way you can entertain and appease the teen-and-under crowd so they don’t stage a mutiny on Thanksgiving Day. Right? There has to be! Don’t worry, I totally got your back here. After the jump, tips for making your Thanksgiving dinner┬ámore kid-friendly. Kid-exciting, even! It’s not too late! By the end of this post you’ll be wishing you could sit there yourself! But, sorry about that, you’re a grown-up now.

  • Make A Craft 1 of 7
    Make A Craft
    Keep the kids busy with a holiday craft at the table. Something low on mess, high on creativity, and quick to complete. I recently attended a Martha Stewart holiday kid's crafting event, where they showed us tons of cute projects that require very few supplies and will keep the littles from getting too restless, all of which you can find out how to do here.
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  • Watch A Movie 2 of 7
    Watch A Movie
    When in doubt, elect a cartoon to your cause. I recommend A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, of course!
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  • Get The Kids Involved 3 of 7
    Get The Kids Involved
    Nothing is more satisfying than sitting down to a dinner you've helped make. Especially if it's simple, bread-based (all kids like rolls!), and includes a personalized touch.
    Find out how to make these thankful crescent rolls at Beauty And Bedlam
  • Set The Table Just Right 4 of 7
    Set The Table Just Right
    When planning the kid's table, keep in mind your audience. It should be every bit as pretty and exciting as the grown-up table, but tweaked for maximum child enjoyment. I recommend taping down a big old piece of butcher paper and putting a couple handfuls of crayons into some paper cups to keep little hands busy, or include silly rhymes on each place setting.
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  • Stage a Talent Show 5 of 7
    Stage a Talent Show
    Tell the kids at the beginning of the afternoon that they'll be the after-dinner entertainment, and let them brainstorm their performances during dinner prep. Then sit back after pie and enjoy the cuteness.
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  • Make The Kid’s Table Ultra Special 6 of 7
    Make The Kid's Table Ultra Special
    Plan something ultra special that JUST the kids get to enjoy when sitting quietly at their table. Sugar cookies decorated like turkeys, or caramel corn in paper cornucopias--that'd be motivation enough for me!
    Find out how to make these cookies at Parents Connect
  • Watch The Dog Show! 7 of 7
    Watch The Dog Show!
    My very favorite Thanksgiving tradition (aside from Costco pumpkin pie--what?) is watching the dog show on NBC immediately following the Macy's Parade. Nothing, in my humble estimation, is more fascinating than watching a bunch of cute puppies trot around. Anyway, it most likely beats watching football when you're five.
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