How to Host Thanksgiving Dinner with Ease

How-to-Host-Thanksgiving-Dinner-with-EaseThanksgiving has been a family affair at our house for the last several years. Since the girls were diagnosed with gluten allergies, it’s just been easier to keep them safe from my own kitchen. You know, if hosting Thanksgiving dinner for 15 can be considered easy in any way.

I have down to a science, though, and it isn’t actually too difficult. There is still plenty of time for family games, a post-dinner nap, and Black Friday ad research. The key is to spread out the preparations so Thanksgiving Day runs smoothly.

With just 4 weeks to go, it’s time to start planning. I’ll get started with some Thanksgiving prep this weekend, then tackle a few things each week until the big day. And, I’m going to take you along with me!

Here is the first list of things to do now for Thanksgiving dinner:

  • Choose a time for the meal. Everything hinges on when the turkey goes in the oven!
  • Decide if you will prepare all the food yourself or host a potluck.
  • Plan your menu — this is almost always the same, but I try to add one new recipe each year.
  • Invite guests and provide specific assignments if they will bring food.
  • Create a master grocery list — be sure to list everything you will need, including butter and spices.
  • Begin buying a few groceries as they are on sale, to prevent an expensive trip in a few weeks.
  • Label any ingredients you buy to be sure the family does not leave you in a bind on Thanksgiving morning.

If you tackle a few small preparations each week, you’ll be completely ready and stress-free when Thanksgiving finally arrives. Just in time to move on to holiday shopping!

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