How To Prepare Your Home For Holiday Guests

I don’t know if perhaps you’ve noticed this, but Halloween is just around the corner, and after that, the holidays come barreling at us full speed ahead. And that means… HOUSE GUESTS! Oh no! Is your guest bedroom prepared?!

We typically always remember the basics to having house guests, don’t we? We remember to scrub the toilets, mop the floors, and tidy the living spaces, but then sometimes there are all these last-minute details we (I) always forget? Just me?

Well never fear! I’ve compiled 10 quick tips for getting your house ready for holiday guests, so those last-minute things we (I) typically forget won’t be forgotten! They are, as always, after el jumparoo.

  • Spruce Up The Guest Bath 1 of 10
    Spruce Up The Guest Bath
    Aside from your regular cleaning gig, now is the time to make sure you've got a couple spare tooth brushes, a cocked and loaded tube of tooth paste, an unused stick of neutral-smelling deodorant, and extra washcloth and towel set, and heck, why not an extra bath robe? Also, please stash a spare blow dryer somewhere handy and make sure there is shampoo, conditioner, bar soap and a razor in the shower. Done!
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  • Update Your First Aid Kit 2 of 10
    Update Your First Aid Kit
    While you're at the drug store stocking up on extra toiletries in case your guests forget (your guests always forget), why not fill up the essentials in your first aid kit? After all, it IS Thanksgiving, and someone is bound to lop a finger off when carving the bird.
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  • Prepare The Guest Bedroom 3 of 10
    Prepare The Guest Bedroom
    When was the last time those rugs were shampooed? Do that now, before guests descend, so rugs have the time to dry (wet socks are the opposite of good hospitality). Wash all bedding so it smells fresh, open some windows and let the room air out, and even consider steaming the drapes.
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  • Make A Guest Kit 4 of 10
    Make A Guest Kit
    A big old basket for towels, spare toiletries, snacks, driving directions to the local mall even, why not?
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  • Outlets! 5 of 10
    These days you can't go anywhere for the weekend without your full arsenal of gadgetry. Don't be the hostess with no outlets to spare! Dedicate an outlet or two nearest the bed as a charging station why don't you?
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  • Bedside Accomodations 6 of 10
    Bedside Accomodations
    Lamp, alarm clock, fresh flowers. Some things no guest room should be without.
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  • In The Kitchen 7 of 10
    In The Kitchen
    Chances are, your house guests will need a snack or a glass of water. This is your time to really impress them! Clear your counters, organize your junk drawers, and put the silverware and drinking glasses in the most obvious location.
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  • And The Fridge! 8 of 10
    And The Fridge!
    The mark of a good hostess is one who has thoughtfully prepared an area of the fridge for late night snackers. The worst thing ever is when you're starving and you can't tell what all in the fridge is for snacking and what all is in reserve for important meals to come. So, for example, if you were hosting my husband, you'd want a package of string cheese just sitting there. Maybe there'd be a note saying, "Brandon, Eat This String Cheese." He'd think for sure he'd died and gone to heaven.
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  • Gussy Up The Living Room 9 of 10
    Gussy Up The Living Room
    I love to bring out an extra throw blanket or two when guests are in town so they know they can curl up and make themselves at home. And if you're having couch sleepers, be sure to freshen up those cushions. I like a rug soaked in a mixture of Oxy Clean and warm water, and then I run over the entire surface of the couch (and don't forget to vacuum all those crumbs!). Bonus points for you if you shampoo the rugs, too.
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  • Stock Up On Snacks! 10 of 10
    Stock Up On Snacks!
    In our family there must be an impressive amount of Diet Pepsi and microwave popcorn, and then we're ready to party. (I like to run out and rent a couple movies to go with those snacks.)
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