12 Ways to Breathe New Life into Old Board Games

Board Game Night is a fun, frugal way to spend time with the family. And, we have a lot of options around here. The board games have exploded from one small cabinet into 3 cabinets and 2 storage chests.

Our games come in 3 different categories — my favorite party games, the hubby’s nerd games, and the kids’ games. The first two are neatly organized, out of the reach of the 3 destroyers girls.

The rest of the games are a scattered mess. Missing pieces, unorganized parts, ripped boxes — I’ve almost given it up as a lost cause. I had a box of board games set aside to toss, due to being completely unplayable in their current condition. But, I just can’t stand the idea of all that money going to waste.

When I saw the presidential Guess Who? update, I just knew there had to be a way to revive some of our board games! Here are 14 awesome ideas for board game repair and storage:

  • Family Tree Guess Who? 1 of 12
    Family Tree Guess Who?
    Here's another cool way to revamp a Guess Who? game, featuring extended family your kids may not get to see often. I'm really excited about this because Guess Who? is one of the games in our board game graveyard.
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  • Organized Game Cabinet 2 of 12
    Organized Game Cabinet
    Once the games get back into the cabinet, I'm taking a picture! It's hard for the kids to remember exactly how everything fits back into the cabinet, but a photo on the door should help.
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  • Storing Card Games 3 of 12
    Storing Card Games
    Our cards are a hot mess — the original boxes never work right once the games are played and rubberbands don't keep things sorted. A travel soap box is a perfect solution.
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  • Homemade Spinners 4 of 12
    Homemade Spinners
    When the spinner bites the dust, make your own! Here are a few printable templates and a tutorial.
    Photo Credit: Flickr user thenandagain
  • Repairing Game Boxes 5 of 12
    Repairing Game Boxes
    The cardboard box corners are always the first to go! This tutorial not only shows you how to repair them without the unslightly tape, but it also has tips to reinforce the corners to prevent damage in the first place.
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  • Bottle Cap Pawns 6 of 12
    Bottle Cap Pawns
    This is a cute way to personalize your pawns. Even if you don't want take the time to add photos, the bottle caps are a great way to replace missing pieces.
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  • Harry Potter Guess Who? 7 of 12
    Harry Potter Guess Who?
    Harry Potter Guess Who? is officially my favorite. Now I can't stop thinking of other ideas — more movies & books, cartoons, animals.
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  • Game Saver 8 of 12
    Game Saver
    These game savers are a genius way to replace game boxes. They're much more sturdy and stack neatly.
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  • Photo Game Pawns 9 of 12
    Photo Game Pawns
    Use shrinky-dinks to create your own game pawns from your favorite photos. The girls would get a huge kick out of posing for these!
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  • Bottle Cap Checkers 10 of 12
    Bottle Cap Checkers
    We have a checkerboard or two that are missing pieces. This idea for a DIY checkerboard would also work for replacing just the checkers for an existing game.
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  • Multi-Level Play 11 of 12
    Multi-Level Play
    I have divvied up our many memory games to keep using what we still have. We even have an advanced set that is a hodgepodge of several memory sets. I love the idea of labeling by skill level!
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  • Storage and Display 12 of 12
    Storage and Display
    And, once you finally have all your game pieces in order, frame the boards and store the pieces on the back so you'll never lose them again.
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