Organize Games + Create a Game Kit with Ziploc Bags

Today we’re talking about one of my favorite things – games! More specifically, I’m going to share a few tips I have for organizing games and puzzles around the house. You know how it seems like stray playing cards, dice and puzzle pieces end up any and everywhere but where they belong? I have the perfect solution!

To start, I went through all of the board games in the hall closet and organized all of the pieces, cards and dice into snack size Ziploc bags. For games like my beloved Disney Monopoly, I organized all of the different components (Monopoly money, real estate cards, players, etc.) into snack size Ziploc bags. Then I tucked them all back into the box with the game board to keep things neat, tidy and organized for the next game night. No more shuffling through and sorting out cards and money before getting down to playing!

Next up, I went through the house and gathered all of the stray game pieces like Uno, playing cards and poker chips and tucked them into snack size and sandwich size Ziploc bags. I put the whole lot of them into a larger gallon size Ziploc bag and put it on the shelf in the hall closet with all of the other board games and puzzles for safe keeping. Next time we want to play an impromptu game of rummy we won’t be searching all over the house for playing cards. (Because you know they’re one of those things that notoriously disappear right when you want them most!)

This is such an easy way to keep clutter to a minimum and to create a place for all of your gaming needs so everything is in it’s place and easy to find! Take it one step further and create the ultimate on-the-go game kit! Slip a deck of cards, Memory, a pad of paper and pens for playing tic tac toe, and the pieces to a miniature puzzle into their own Ziploc bags and stash them away in a gallon size Ziploc bags. It’s perfect for sending to school with the kiddos for a little old fashioned fun during recess, road trips, or for leaving with the after school babysitter for bringing along on picnics. Games on the go! What’s not to love?

A big thanks to Ziploc for sponsoring this campaign. Click here to see more of the discussion.

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