How to Talk About Money with Your Partner (& Not Go Crazy!)

Talking money can be awkward, it can bring up all sorts of negative feelings and it can be, to put it bluntly, just terrible. We all know that we’ve got to talk money with our partners but how do we do it?

  • How To Talk About Money With Your Partner (& Not Go Crazy!) 1 of 7
    6 tips on how to make money conversations go smoothly.
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  • 1. Keep it Positive 2 of 7
    Go into the conversation with an open mind and do your best to keep it positive. Stay open-minded to the other person's opinion and if the conversation starts taking a downward turn then take a break.
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  • 2. Have Your Financial Information Handy 3 of 7
    Rather than trying to round up all the information at the time of your talk, have it handy and accessible. Make things as easy as possible for yourselves.
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  • 3. Have Enough Time to Talk 4 of 7
    You don't want to get into the thick of a financial conversation just to be cut off. Schedule a time to talk, get your snacks, get your financial info ready and basically, set yourselves up for success.
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  • 4. Don’t Talk About Money on an Empty Stomach 5 of 7
    Just like you wouldn't take a 3 year-old on a 2 hour trip to Target don't expect good results if you're both hungry and/or tired. Eat before you talk or have snacks available. Make yourselves as comfortable as possible.
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  • 5. Focus on the “Why” of It 6 of 7
    Really pay attention to why in the world you need to have the "finance talk" in the first place. Most likely, you want a better financial situation. Think about your short and long-term goals and devise a plan to accomplish them.
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  • 6. Know when its Time to End the Conversation 7 of 7
    If the conversation gets heated or starting heading South quick then take a breather and come back to it, take a couple day break from the conversation, and/or be willing to get an impartial third party involved who can help you and your partner navigate the situation in a calm and rational way.
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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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