How-to: Tissue Paper Corsage for Mother’s Day

Mother’s day is almost here and we want to celebrate her from head to toe. With all the fun gifts she’ll be getting, let’s plant a flower right near her heart. The kids will love to make this for mom, or have fun making one for your mother, she’ll love it!

Here are the step-by-step instructions for a Tissue Paper Corsage tutorial!

  • How-to: Tissue Paper Corsage 1 of 10
    How-To: Tissue Paper Corsage

    Follow this tutorial for the step-by-step instructions to make a fun tissue paper corsage for mom!

  • Supplies for Tissue Paper Corsage 2 of 10
    Corsage 02-
    • colorful tissue paper
    • small felt circles - about 1/2 inch in diameter
    • blank brooch pin - you can buy them here
    • glue - I LOVE E-6000
  • Square Tissue Paper Method 3 of 10
    Corsage 03-

    When you choose your tissue paper, you can craft it any way you like. In this corsage, I cut 3 inch squares of paper and layered them on with a crunched look. 

  • Circle Multi-colored Method 4 of 10
    Corsage 04-

    You can also cut small 2-3 inch circles and bunch and glue them separately. You could also layer these circles like the square method as well. 

  • One Color Tissue Method 5 of 10
    Corsage 05-

    For this corsage, I cut 4 yellow 2 inch circles and 1 pin 2 inch circle. Fold them in half or bunch them up.

  • Gluing the Tissue Paper 6 of 10
    Corsage 06-

    With your felt circle piece, add a drop of glue to each folded tissue paper and glue them to the felt. I glued each yellow tissue piece in a circle and added the pink one to the center for contrast. 

  • Adding your Pin 7 of 10
    Corsage 07-

    Turn your piece over and glue on the blank brooch pin. 

  • Front and Back 8 of 10
    Corsage 08-

    Once the glue has dried, give it an hour or two, it's ready. 

  • Finished Corsages 9 of 10
    Corsage 09-

    Here is the square layered corsage and the one color circle corsage. Both perfect for mom. 

  • Mother’s Day Tissue Paper Corsage 10 of 10
    Corsage 10-

    Mom and Grandma are going to love these little handmade gifts! 

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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