Illuminate Your Home: 16 DIY Pendant Lights out of Unusual Materials!

I recently upgraded the recessed lights in my kitchen and made some DIY Pendant Lights.

{DIY Pendant Lights}

And while I love my handmade Pendant Lights, I found unique and interesting (and beautiful!) ideas while I was researching Pendant Light ideas. I am excited to share these ideas with you.

Check out these 16 great ideas for creating pendant lights out of unusual materials — from paper clips to string — after the break!


  • Create an Ombre Lamp 1 of 16
    Wrap cotton voile around an existing light for ombre goodness!
    Learn more at Martha Stewart
  • Turn Crystal Decanters into Pendant Lights 2 of 16
    Decanters catch the light in interesting ways ... but rather than hide them in a liquor cabinet or on a shelf, you can accentuate that light with this brilliant pendant light idea.
    Learn more at Designalogue
  • Make a Pendant Light out of Rope 3 of 16
    Need a rustic look? You'll just need a frame and some thick twine or rope for this DIY project.
    Learn more at Design Sponge
  • Make a Coffee Filter Light 4 of 16
    You'd never know it's coffee filters until, well, I put it in the headline. This awesome DIY light becomes the room's focal point with brightness and texture.
    Learn more at Dr. Rama
  • Create an Eccentric Umbrella Light 5 of 16
    Find some inexpensive umbrellas and some lights and you're in business for this unique light arrangement.
    Learn more at Swiss Miss
  • Mason Jar Chandelier 6 of 16
    This is a great pairing of the rustic (Mason jars) and industrial (open cabling, bare bulbs). It takes just the right room, but if you've got the right room, you could make a great light fixture with this idea. You may even just find inspiration for a similar project.
    Learn more at Ikea Hackers
  • Paint Swatch Chandeliers 7 of 16
    This ombre-inspired, single-hue approach takes nothing but carefully-chosen paint swatches and an inexpensive chandelier. Extra points for brilliance: choose the colors that complement your decor. Did you repaint or redecorate? It's an easy switch.
    Learn more at Hey Gorgeous
  • Craft a Beaded Chandelier 8 of 16
    You don't have to settle for the off-the-shelf chandeliers. Instead, do the beading yourself and you can choose hue, size, quantity, opacity, and lots of other characteristics to build a chandelier that both complements your decor and is uniquely you.
    Learn more at Dollar Store Crafts
  • Hang a String Ball Chandelier 9 of 16
    String balls are fun projects (even the kids can help) -- and they make visually interesting and bright light fixtures for indoors or -- in this example -- a fun outdoor event.
    Learn more at Wednesday Custom Designs
  • DIY Doily Lamp 10 of 16
    this is a great idea. Not only can you make your lights/lamps visually interesting, but the shadows they throw can change the look of your room when day turns to night. Your walls will take on unique textures!
    Learn more at More Design Please
  • Felt Pendant Lights 11 of 16
    As you've probably guessed, I think it's extra awesome to choose a light that not only has interesting color but also has interesting texture. These felt pendant lights fit the bill, and you can customize your DIY project to fit your decor and taste.
    Learn more at Design Sponge
  • Bushel Basket Chandeliers 12 of 16
    These upcycled and upgraded bushel baskets are fun to make and truly one-of-a-kind. They add a sophisticated/rustic combination that's hard to achieve (but they do!).
    Learn more at PS I Made This
  • Industrial Wire Basket Light 13 of 16
    Ever walked through the ceiling-mounted lights section at your local hardware store? Zzzzzzzz. This industrial wire basket light takes away that "I spent $6 on this" look and instead turns something you never notice into something you love to look at.
    Learn more at Infarrantly Creative
  • Glass Jug Pendant Light 14 of 16
    Now this is a fun look -- glass pendants. Remember, the bigger you go the more you'll have to make sure you have a secure connection to the ceiling!
    Learn more at terrain
  • Paint Stick Pendant Light 15 of 16
    This is an inexpensive DIY project that has a lovely, modern look to it. Like many of these projects, you can follow the project plans at the site ... and then give them a twist to complement your decor.
    Learn more at Enjoying the Simple Things
  • Paper Clip Pendant Light 16 of 16
    We've all chained paper clips ... but this exceptional idea does a great job of making a unique statement. Look at the neat pattern of the light ... and the interesting shadow pattern! Plus -- paper clips -- possibly the cheapest material you can find!
    Learn more at Redesign Technologies



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