In Defense of Pink: Why I Support Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Pink October is here again — Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

All month long, our favorite grocery products, retail brands, and even the NFL will be painted pink. Brands will be donating a percentage of pink profits to breast cancer research — or not. They’ll attempt to drum up support and funds for breast cancer with online programs and special products.

But, not without opposition.

Some will complain about the oversaturation of pink. Others will question how much really goes to breast cancer research. More will wonder why the company doesn’t just donate for the sake of donating, without all the hoops for buyers.

But, here’s the thing (for me, at least): it doesn’t really matter.

I don’t see Pink October as a way to raise funds for breast cancer research, necessarily. What it has done, though, is truly raise awareness. More people get how common breast cancer is. More people are actually aware of what to do to have it checked. And, more people are catching breast cancer early enough to actually do something about it.

Research shows the rate of late-stage breast cancer has rapidly dropped in the last 10 years. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the rate has dropped as the pink has grown.

That matters much more to me than a small percentage of profits going to some organization that may or may not use it to fund the actual research.
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