You Light Up My Life: 16 Insane Holiday Homes!

There’s no better harbinger of the holiday season than that one house in the neighborhood that’s so into the Christmas spirit, you can spot it from a mile away. Seriously: these are the houses you can point out from Google Earth’s SantaCam, or whatever — they’re here, they’re cheerful, and they’re making everyone who passes by ooh and ahh over their electric bills. Across America, you can plan your own Tacky Light Tour to bask in the literal glow of hundreds of icicle lights, inflatables, plastic snowmen and more. See 16 of our favorites after the jump! — Jillian Capewell

  • False Advertising 1 of 16
    False Advertising
    This house may be wishing a silent night to all who see it — but we can hear the whirring of the generators from here.
    Photo Credit: Flickr user coredesatchikai
  • Going Broke 2 of 16
    Going Broke
    According to the site where we found this photo, the owner of this house in the UK has had to pay nearly 700GBP for his electric bill during Christmastime — but donations have allowed him to cover the bill and donate thousands to charities. Now that's Christmas spirit!
    Source: Dobbies
  • When Does the Madness End? 3 of 16
    When Does the Madness End?
    Perhaps the better (scarier) question is: do we even want it to?
    Photo Source: Flickr user raisemyvoice
  • Theres a House in There … Right? 4 of 16
    Theres a House in There … Right?
    Just like Santa, if you believe it is, it's real.
    Photo Source: Socyberty
  • My Eyes! 5 of 16
    My Eyes!
    So this is what hell looks like for the Grinch.
    Photo Source: MadSilence
  • Built-in GPS 6 of 16
    Built-in GPS
    With a house like this, you'll never lose it again.
    Photo Source: LA Times
  • For the Apartment Dweller 7 of 16
    For the Apartment Dweller
    If you don't have a building to throw lights across, a car will do just fine — but where to plug everything in?
    Photo Source: You and Your Decor
  • The Amazing Technicolor House 8 of 16
    The Amazing Technicolor House
    And you thought rainbows only came out when it was sunny.
    Photo source: Kitchen Decorating Ideas 4 U
  • All-Weather Weather 9 of 16
    All-Weather Weather
    No snow? This house gives off almost the same effect as a blizzard — just squint.
    Photo source: Small Rooms
  • When You Run Out of Christmas Stuff 10 of 16
    When You Run Out of Christmas Stuff
    Can somebody tell us how a skeleton Homer Simpson ended up here?
    Photo Source: DJ Mick
  • Guiding Light 11 of 16
    Guiding Light
    We don't think this is the star the three wise men followed ...
    Photo source: Flickr user trevordickerson
  • Peace on Earth 12 of 16
    Peace on Earth
    … But no peace for neighbors.
    Photo source: DJ Mick
  • Reindeer Crossing 13 of 16
    Reindeer Crossing
    Caution, indeed.
    Photo Source: Flickr user Peterbaldes
  • I Spy … Shapes! 14 of 16
    I Spy … Shapes!
    Fun for all ages!
    Photo source: Flickr user erinwilliamson
  • A Little Less Garish at Dusk 15 of 16
    A Little Less Garish at Dusk
    … We said a little.
    Photo source: Flickr user derwood_duck
  • Minor Renovations 16 of 16
    Minor Renovations
    Bummed out that your lawn doesn't look as lush during the winter? Try this fix: cover it with lights.
    Photo Source: Flickr user vladdythephotogeek

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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