Insanely Frugal or Just Plain Insane?

I’ve done some pretty crazy things to save a buck over the years — like taking on a roommate in our early days of marriage. Then there are the every day ways to save that others seem to find a little crazy. Canceling the cable was a smart financial decision for us, but I think the unorthodox decision kind of freaks people out.

Still, as much as we’re willing to set aside for the more important things in life, there some things even I won’t touch. Maybe extreme frugality just isn’t for me. Check out these 5 frugal practices, and let me know which side of the line they fall on for you.

  • Sleeping in Airports 1 of 5
    Sleeping in Airports
    I'll admit to napping during a short layover, but I'm not about to skip the hotel and sleep in the airport for any length of time. Clearly, others don't agree — there's even an online guide to sleeping in airports!
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  • No Restaurants 2 of 5
    No Restaurants
    The dining budget is an area we look at closely, every time we readjust the budget. But, could you go so far as to eliminate all restaurant dining? The King of Free (yes, husband to the lovely Queen of Free featured in our debt free bloggers story) has sworn off all restaurants. He hasn't eaten in a restaurant in over 2 years — not even if it's free. It's one of the ways they've eliminated debt so quickly.
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  • Washing Disposables 3 of 5
    Washing Disposables
    I'm sorry. If it's meant to be thrown away? I'm not going to wash & reuse it. Period. I'd much rather avoid paper products all together anyway.
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  • Dumpster Diving 4 of 5
    Dumpster Diving
    I know, I know — one person's trash is another person's treasure. But, have you seen the inside of a dumpster? No, thank you. (Exception: I used to have a weekly appointment at the newspaper distributor where they would let me have coupon inserts from their recycle bin. Recycle bin. As in, paper only.)
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  • No Flushing 5 of 5
    No Flushing
    "If it's yellow, let it mellow. If it's brown, flush it down." *shudder* It makes me gag when one of the girls forgets to flush a toilet. No way I can do this on purpose.
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How far is too far to save a buck?


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