#TrueLove: Our 20 Favorite Instagram Photos to Celebrate Mother’s Day

So often moms are the ones behind the scenes, capturing gorgeous snapshots of their kids but rarely getting the chance to jump into the frame. This Mother’s Day, we wanted things to be different. That’s why we rounded up our favorite Instagram photos that capture the special bond between a mother and her children. From photos of moms cuddling with their sons to mother-daughter snapshots that will melt your heart  — these pictures will show you what #truelove really looks like.

  • Our 20 Favorite Instagram Photos to Celebrate Mother’s Day 1 of 21
  • Butterfly kisses 2 of 21

    A smooch from her mom makes everything better.

    — Photo by Rachel Rowland Photography via Kacia, @coconutrobot, Coconut Robot

  • Sweet dreams 3 of 21

    There's no better way to spend an afternoon than cuddling with your baby.

    — Photo by Jessica Erickson, @allorahandmadeAllora Handmade

  • Boho chic 4 of 21

    We can only hope this babe grows up to be as stylish as his momma.

    — Photo by James, @bleubird, Bleubird

  • To have and to hold 5 of 21

    Some say the bond between a mother and son is more powerful than any other. We'd have to agree.

    — Photo by Dani Hampton, @danihampton, Sometimes Sweet

  • Mini me 6 of 21

    Nope, we don't see any resemblance whatsoever.

     — Photo by Kelle Hampton, @etst, Enjoying the Small Things

  • Mama’s boys 7 of 21

    She just told them they were headed to Chuck E. Cheese's. Best. Mom. Ever.

    — Photo by Emily Frame, @emilyframe, Ruffling Feathers

  • Goofballs 8 of 21

    It's important to show off your silly side every now and then, don't ya think?

     — Photo by Kirsten Grove, @simplygrove, Simply Grove

  • Carry on 9 of 21

    We have no doubt that her girls are enjoying the ride.

    — Photo by Rebecca Woolf, @girlsgonechild, Gone Child(ssss)

  • Brace yourself 10 of 21

    "You mean to tell me my mommy carried me around in her belly for NINE months? No way!"

    — Photo by Ilana Wiles, @mommyshorts, Babble blogger

  • Lean on me 11 of 21

    Whenever life gets too tough, it's nice to know your mom's there to carry you through.

     — Photo by Denise Bovee, @denisebovee, We Go To & Fro

  • Forever and ever 12 of 21

    Like these wildflowers, a mother's love for her child knows no end.

    — Photo by Noel, @imoments, Bosh Images

  • Apple of my eye 13 of 21

    Her smile says it all; this mama's got it bad.

    — Photo by Lisa Leonard, @lisaleonard, Lisa Leonard Blog

  • What’s so funny? 14 of 21

    This snapshot proves that smiles are indeed contagious.

    — Photo by Casey Mullins, @mooshinindy, Shutter Lovely

  • On the bright side 15 of 21

    We can already tell his mom's style has rubbed off on him. Cool hat.

    — Photo by Natalie Holbrook, @natthefatrat, The Great Beauty Experiment

  • It’s the little things 16 of 21

    When you're a new mom, spending the morning playing with your baby is the greatest thing in the world.

    — Photo by Randi Brookman Harris, @randibrookmanharris, Randi Brookman Harris

  • Like mother, like daughter 17 of 21

    The camera loves you … and so does your mama.

    — Photo by Mandy, @teammandy, The Hap

  • Pucker up 18 of 21
    thealison show

    There's nothing like a Sunday stroll with your favorite gal.

    — Photo by Alison Faulkner, @thealisonshow, Here's the Thing

  • Snug as a bug 19 of 21

    With a sleeping baby on your chest, all seems right in the world.

    — Photo by Sarah James, @whoorl, Beauty & the Beat

  • In awe 20 of 21

    "Isn't my mommy beautiful?!"

    — Photo by Melissa Jordan, @withoutmelissa, Dear Baby

  • Under cover 21 of 21

    There's nothing better than relaxing with your little man on a cold, rainy day.

    — Photo by Xanthe Berkeley, @xantheb, Xanthe Berkeley



Article Posted 3 years Ago

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