Into the Wild: Our 50 Favorite Instagram Photos to Celebrate Earth Day

  • Our 50 favorite photos to celebrate Earth Day 1 of 51
  • The setting sun 2 of 51

    It’s beauty like this that makes us think that anything is possible.

    — Photo by Staci, @7onashoestring, 7 on a Shoestring

  • Tapping in 3 of 51

    It’s not every day you see kids making their own maple syrup. Right on.

    — Photo by Aimee Wimbush-Bourque, @aimeebourque, Simple Bites

  • Cattle call 4 of 51

    If cow’s could talk, we imagine he’d be shouting: “Eat more chicken!”

    — Photo by Kristen Doyle, @dineanddish, Dine and Dish

  • Natural curiosity 5 of 51

    “Mommy, is his neck supposed to be that long?”

    Photo by Lauren Jimeson, @amommyinthecity, Babble blogger

  • Spread your wings 6 of 51

    As this creature landed on her arm, she couldn’t help but wonder if all butterflies were this beautiful. We’d have to say yes.

    — Photo by Danielle Smith, @daniellesmithtv, Babble blogger

  • The birds 7 of 51

    As she approached the sea gulls, the only thing she had on her mind was the sandwich they’d stolen earlier that day. 

    — Photo by Denise Bovee, @denisebovee, We Go To and Fro

  • Rise and shine 8 of 51

    As the sun peaked through the trees, casting shadows on the green grass, they were in awe of nature’s beauty.

    — Photo by Elizabeth Berry, @_mariaelizabeth_

  • Nest together 9 of 51

    “But mom, why can’t we eat these eggs? I don’t understand.” Good luck explaining this one.

    Photo by Andrea Updyke, @andreaupdyke, Lil-Kid-Things

  • Eat for the trees 10 of 51

    There’s nothing like growing your own vegetables to make you feel one with nature.

    — Photo by Susan Peterson, @freshlypicked, Babble blogger

  • Spring showers 11 of 51

    “This rain better let up. We have a busy day of exploring ahead of us.”

    — Photo by Stasha, @northwestmommy, The Good Life

  • Coming out of their shell 12 of 51

    The girls couldn’t wait to enroll this little guy in his first race. Just remember Mr. Turtle:  “Slow and steady.” Wise words.

    Photo by James, @bleubird, Bleubird

  • Leeking out 13 of 51

    They went into the wild empty-handed, and came back with seasoning for dinner. Yum.

    Photo by Elizabeth Stark, @brooklynsupper, Babble blogger

  • Make a splash 14 of 51

    There’s nothing better than taking a dip in Mother Nature’s giant swimming pool.

    Photo by Claire Wise, @ClaireWise, Claire Wise Photography

  • Prepared for anything 15 of 51

    Rain jacket? Check. Galoshes? Check. She was ready to explore all her neighborhood pond had to offer.

    — Photo by Pauline Karwowski, @classychaos, Classy Chaos

  • The polar bear plunge 16 of 51

    "But mom, I want to go swimming with my new friends."

    — Photo by Kacia, @CoconutRobot, Coconut Robot

  • Little wanderer 17 of 51

    He couldn’t wait to get his hands on everything Mother Nature had to offer.

    — Photo by Dani Hampton, @danihampton, Sometimes Sweet

  • Water babies 18 of 51

    “Come on, the ocean won’t bite. I’ll show you.”

    — Photo by Dani, @danirememder

  • Park it 19 of 51

    We spy with our little eye: eight big boulders, five Mallard ducks, and one excited little boy.

    — Photo by Dariela Cruz, @darielacruz, Mami Talks

  • Clear as mud 20 of 51

    With a good pair of rain boots, you’re ready for anything Mother Nature throws your way.

    — Photo by Emily Elling, @designhermomma, Babble blogger

  • Freshly picked 21 of 51

    “These wild flowers will make a gorgeous centerpiece for my next tea party,” she thought to no one in particular.

    — Photo by Cyndi Monaghan, @elf_girl, Mermaids and Moss

  • A little birdie told us … 22 of 51

    “I don’t care what scientists say. I’m telling you, the chick came first.”

    — Photo by Emily, @emilyframe, Ruffling Feathers

  • A forest of possibilities 23 of 51

    Mom, put down the camera. We have explorin’ to do.”

    — Photo by Kelle Hampton, @etst, Enjoying the Small Things

  • Wild child 24 of 51

    Just another Monday, playing hide and seek with the bushes. Can we join?

    — Photo by Rebecca Woolf, @girlsgonechild, Gone Child(ssss)

  • 50 shades of gray 25 of 51

    It’s incredible how beautiful the world is – even in black and white.

    — Photo by Rachelle Wilde, @kenziepoo, Babble blogger

  • Birds of a feather 26 of 51

    There’s nothing sweeter than making friends with the animals.

    — Photo by Heather EO, @heatheroftheeo, The Extraordinary Ordinary

  • Crashing waves 27 of 51


    She was off to explore the wonders of the Pacific. Let us know what you find!

    — Photo by Andrea, @hulaseventy, Hula Seventy

  • Cloudy days 28 of 51

    All we have to say is that these would be a dream to sleep on.

    — Photo by Shelby Barone, @glitterfulfelt, Glitterful Felt Stories

  • One with nature 29 of 51

    As he stood on that rock, he tried to give his best cactus impression. We think he’s got it down pat.

    — Photo by Noel, @imoments, Bosh Images

  • The skys the limit 30 of 51

    It’s not every day you see pink clouds. Mother Nature has tons of tricks up her sleeve.

    —Jeannette Kaplun, @jeannettekaplun, Mamifesto

  • Under the sea 31 of 51

    “Have you seen my friend Nemo? We haven’t seen him in days.”

    — Photo by Keli, @kelihoskins, Kidnapped by Suburbia

  • Best buds 32 of 51

    Never underestimate the power of a good color combo. Pink and purple? Perfection.

    — Photo by Katie Granju, @kgranju, Home/Work

  • Such great heights 33 of 51

    This little monkey couldn’t stand life on the ground. He was ready to see the world from above.

    — Photo by Amanda Williams, @life_edited, Life. Edited.

  • A night at the museum 34 of 51

    When you can’t go into the wild, the next best thing is bringing the wild to you.

    — Photo by Randi Brookman Harris, @randibrookmanharris, Randi Brookman Harris

  • Make a wish 35 of 51

    The little girl shut her eyes and wished for a world made of candy. Think you can handle that, Mother Nature?

    — Photo by Lisa Leonard, @lisaleonard, Lisa Leonard Blog

  • The little cheetah 36 of 51

    You never know what sort of wild life is lurking in your own home.

    — Photo by Sarah Reinhart, @sundayspill, Sunday Spill  

  • Young, wild, and free 37 of 51

    She couldn’t get enough of frolicking around in the open field. It’s the little things, right?

    — Photo by Amanda Watters, @mamawatters, It’s the Little Things

  • Heart of stone 38 of 51

    “Mom, look what we found on our nature walk!” We love it.

    — Photo by Ciaran Blumenfeld, @momfluential, Casa de Chaos


  • Take a whiff 39 of 51

    Sometimes, it’s important to take time out of your day to stop and smell the flowers, don’t ya think?

    — Photo by Jessica Shyba, @mommasgonecity, Momma’s Gone City

  • Spider, man 40 of 51

    We don’t know what’s scarier: the tarantula or the fact that Casey got so close to it to take this picture.

    — Photo by Casey Mullins, @mooshinindy, Shutter Lovely

  • Rock of ages 41 of 51


    That looks like quite the beautiful hike. We’re jealous.

    — Photo by Piper, @piperoflove, Piper on the Mountain

  • Hucks not impressed 42 of 51

    When you live in the city, sometimes this is as close as you can get to the wild. Don’t fret.

    — Photo by Natalie Holbrook, @natthefatrat, The Great Beauty Experiment

  • Seal of approval 43 of 51

    There’s nothing like laying out on a clear, sunny day. These guys are living the life.

    — Photo by Jenny Mae, @ohjennymae, Oh, Jenny Mae

  • Take your pick 44 of 51

    “Momma, I picked this for you!”

    — Photo by Lauren Hartmann, @thelittlethingswedo, Babble blogger

  • A bugs life 45 of 51

    They say all of nature’s creatures are beautiful, but we’re not convinced.

    — Photo by Robin Dance, @pensieverobin, Pensieve. Me

  • Natures miracles 46 of 51

    We’ll never understand how these trees grow so tall without snapping.

    — Photo by @scenebyme, Scene By Me

  • Veg out 47 of 51

    What better way to celebrate Earth Day than with a bowl of fresh veggies?

    — Rachel Denbow. @smileandwave, Smile and Wave

  • Earn your stripes 48 of 51

    We’re wild about this mask. Good find.

    — Photo by Alison Faulkner, @thealisonshow, The Alison Show

  • Mirror, mirror 49 of 51

    The trees’ reflections in the pond are breathtaking. Good work, Mother Nature.

    — Photo by Jamie, @thegrumbles, Grumbles and Grunts

  • He loves me… 50 of 51

    With flowers this beautiful, we wouldn’t dare pluck their petals.

    — Photo by Tracy Benjamin, @traceyshutterbean, Shutterbean

  • Take a stand 51 of 51

    Paddle-boarding through the waters of Cambodia? Yes, please.

    — Photo by Xanthe Berkeley, @xantheb, Xanthe Berkeley Photos and Films

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