Pretty Things for Home: iPhone Stereos

If you’re anything like me, chances are your iPhone is so glued to your hand it’s essentially become an extension of your body like some kind of new age appendage. That thing is with me everywhere, all the time. No exaggeration. For a while now I’ve been on the hunt for a stylish iPhone stereo dock, because I’m always making playlists to take with me in the car and jogging and I’d love to be able to rock out at home sans the big ugly black iPhone dock. Here are some of the pretty finds I’ve dug up as of late, perfect for the kitchen, your desk and even the bedroom!

  • Stereo Boombox 1 of 7
    Stereo Boombox
    Ok, my fellow 80s-loving friends. This one is for you! Yes, you can turn your iPhone into a hot pink boombox. Brilliant!
    $199.99 from iHome.
  • Vintage Radio 2 of 7
    Vintage Radio
    This one might actually be my favorite, with it's cool vintage look and built-in AM/FM radio.
    $199 from Urban Outfitters.
  • Walnut iPhone Stereo 3 of 7
    Walnut iPhone Stereo
    This one is sleek and modern with the walnut finish. It's pricier but includes a premium sound system for you true music buffs.
    $699 from World Wide Stereo.
  • Turquoise Speaker Dock 4 of 7
    Turquoise Speaker Dock
    Ok, a little more 80s love. This sweet speaker dock is rocking the coolest shade of turquoise!
    $290 from Urban Outfitters.
  • Color Changing Alarm Clock 5 of 7
    Color Changing Alarm Clock
    How cool is this color changing alarm clock? The base changes colors, displaying a range of soothing and energizing hues.
    $99 from iHome.
  • Wake Up Call iPhone Dock 6 of 7
    Wake Up Call iPhone Dock
    I love the timeless, minimalist styling of this alarm clock dock where your iPhone is truly integrated right into the design.
    $39.99 from Modcloth.
  • Koostik Wood Dock 7 of 7
    Koostik Wood Dock
    This all-wood dock naturally amplifies the sound of your iPhone 2-4x without electronics. It's also available in a variety of pretty wood finishes!
    $90 from Koostik.

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