Its a Jungle In Here! 20 Décor Ideas and Products for Animal Lovers

Want to take your home for a walk on the wild side? Whether your current style is modernist or traditional, you don’t need an extreme makeover to add a touch of the jungle. Here are some ways you can update an entire room with just one accessory. Mee-ow. — Jillian Capewell

  • The Look: Rustic cabin 1 of 20
    The Look: Rustic cabin
    Though the whole scene looks great, our eyes are instantly drawn to the antler chandelier in this dining room we found on Decor Pad — it adds just the right amount of personality.
  • Where to get it: Cabelas 2 of 20
    Where to get it: Cabelas
    This version is made of reproduction antlers — not the real thing — will please hunting fiends and vegetarians alike.
    Get it from Cabela's, $279.99
  • The Look: Chic Nursery 3 of 20
    The Look: Chic Nursery
    We love the bold elephant from Free Home Design on the wall of this nursery is whimsical without taking a jungle or animal theme too over-the-top.
  • Where to get it: All Modern 4 of 20
    Where to get it: All Modern
    Bring high design into the playroom with this classy elephant chair.
    Get it from All Modern, $290
  • The Look: Equestrian 5 of 20
    The Look: Equestrian
    How brilliant is this three-part horse picture against the neutrals and oranges of this room we found on Elements of Style?
  • Where to get it: La Fuente 6 of 20
    Where to get it: La Fuente
    Whether it's in a painting or through furniture, a horse can be the main focal point in a simple room. This bench will make guests do a double take without overwhelming your space.
    Get it from La Fuente, $499
  • The Look: Retro 7 of 20
    The Look: Retro
    What came first, the chicken or the egg chair? We may never know, but this setup we found on Apartment Therapy got it right — the color scheme reminds us of yolks!
  • Where to get it: IKEA 8 of 20
    Where to get it: IKEA
    This kid-sized egg chair is the perfect budget option for budding designers and will add a touch of retro chic to a playroom.
    Get it from IKEA, $79.99
  • The Look: Dog Fancy 9 of 20
    The Look: Dog Fancy
    We're not sure if the designers behind this casual-meets-elegant look based their color scheme on the coats of these greyhounds, but we will say they look right at home in this room found on Interior Design Pro.
  • Where to get it: Anthropologie 10 of 20
    Where to get it: Anthropologie
    While this coffee table from Anthropologie may stay permanently on our "aspirational" wish list, it's nice to dream about six docile dogs happily sitting through an otherwise chaotic world.
    Get it from Anthropologie, $2,898
  • The Look: Aviary 11 of 20
    The Look: Aviary
    The antique-looking birdcage we found on House to Home makes us feel like we walked into the home of an expert thrifter — or very dedicated bird-watcher.
  • Where to get it: Amazon 12 of 20
    Where to get it: Amazon
    If you're not batty for a completely birdy look, this lamp adds a whimsical touch to any living room — no cleanup or feeding required.
    Get it from Amazon, $170
  • The Look: Upscale Aquarium 13 of 20
    The Look: Upscale Aquarium
    These golden fish scales were a DIY project from Two Thirty-Five Designs. We love them as a backdrop for the other unadorned elements in the room.
  • Where to get it: Blik 14 of 20
    Where to get it: Blik
    Perfect for a playroom or ultra-bright bedroom, this fish-scale wall tile pattern from Blik and Threadless designer Matias Damian Horn would be a great design project to tackle after a reading of The Rainbow Fish.
    Get it from Blik
  • The Look: Cat Fancy 15 of 20
    The Look: Cat Fancy
    A leopard-print stair runner certainly makes a bold staircase even bolder in this home we found on Eclectic Revisited.
  • Where to get it: TWINE 16 of 20
    Where to get it: TWINE
    For a toned-down jungle accent, try this cartoonishly cute jewelry rack in a bedroom — you know, so you can test your necklaces on a zebra before trying it on yourself.
    Get it from TWINE, $56
  • The Look: Art Gallery 17 of 20
    The Look: Art Gallery
    The idea of lying on this giant, er, sleeping animal we found on Craft Zine sure is dreamy, but we're working with, like, ninety square feet here.
  • Where to get it: Urban Outfitters 18 of 20
    Where to get it: Urban Outfitters
    If you're allergic to the real thing (and giant couches, too), this cute cat would be a cute, bold addition to a modern baby nursery.Get it from Urban Outfitters, $28
  • The Look: Hunters Lodge 19 of 20
    The Look: Hunters Lodge
    Deer antlers like these we found on Country Living create an elegant, stately look when arranged on a wall with a key piece of furniture — as if you were visiting your family's hunting estate over the weekend.
  • Where to get it: West Elm 20 of 20
    Where to get it: West Elm
    If you like your décor slightly more animal-friendly, these paper-mâché animal sculptures are a great alternative. Even cooler: they're handmade by artists in Haiti, thanks to a collaboration with West Elm and Aid to Artisans.
    Get it from West Elm

Photo Credit: Interior Design Pro

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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