Its Getting Warmer! Our 50 Favorite Instagram Photos to Celebrate Spring

Goodbye winter, hello spring! Finally, the time has come to stop Instagram-ing photos of your kids in snow and start taking snapshots of your tykes in bunny ears, galoshes, and dare we say — swimsuits! To celebrate the warm days ahead of us, we rounded up our 50 favorite Instagram photos that capture the sunshine-y spirit of spring. Get ready to swoon. — Jennifer Gimbel


  • Our 50 Favorite Instagram Photos to Celebrate Spring! 1 of 51
    Our 50 Favorite Instagram Photos to Celebrate Spring!
  • Ear’s the thing 2 of 51
    Ear's the thing
    While costumed Easter bunnies genuinely give us the creeps, a newborn in ears never disappoints.
    — Photo by Kelle Hampton, @etst, Enjoying the Small Things
  • Dig in 3 of 51
    Dig in
    That looks like quite a delicious spread for their first picnic of the spring.
    — Photo by Tonya Staab, @tonyastaab, Create Celebrate Explore
  • Childs play 4 of 51
    Childs play
    There's no better way to celebrate spring than a good trip down the playground slide.
    — Photo by Denise Bovee, @denisebovee, We Go To and Fro
  • Don’t take my sunshine away 5 of 51
    Don't take my sunshine away
    After a long winter, this baby is ready to soak up some rays.
    — Photo by Sarah Reinhart, @sundayspill, The Sunday Spill
  • Galoshes galore 6 of 51
    Galoshes galore
    He wasn't convinced he could get his paws in these boots, but that wasn't going to stop him from trying.
    — Photo by Stasha, @northwestmommy, The Good Life
  • Taste the rainbow 7 of 51
    Taste the rainbow
    We'll take one in every color. Thanks.
    — Photo by Gabrielle Blair, @designmomblog, Celebrations with Design Mom
  • On guard 8 of 51
    On guard
    They'll never tire of afternoons spent slaying imaginary dragons and rescuing princesses. Ah, to be young again.
    — Photo by Beth Macuso, @manicmotherphotography, Manic Mother Photography
  • Spring break blues 9 of 51
    Spring break blues
    "Mom, I just don't understand why, exactly, we have to go home. Can't we stay on vacation forever?"
    — Photo by Lauren Jimeson, @amommyinthecity, Babble blogger
  • Sweet spread 10 of 51
    Sweet spread
    We spy with our little eye, five delightful cucumber sammies, three fresh lilies, and one gorgeous cake. Hellooooo spring.
    — Photo by Aimee Wimbush-Bourque, @aimeebourque, Simple Bites
  • Get crackin 11 of 51
    Get crackin
    Who's ready for some Easter egg decorating?!
    — Photo by Jessie Knadler, @rurallyscrewed, Heartlandia
  • Dressed to the nines 12 of 51
    Dressed to the nines
    This stylish duo doesn't mess around when it comes to Easter Sunday.
    — Photo by Jessica Shyba, @mommasgonecity, Momma's Gone City
  • Tee up 13 of 51
    Tee up
    He heard if he concentrated hard enough, the golf ball would move closer to the hole. Let us know how that works.
    — Photo by Tracy Benjamin, @tracyshutterbean, Shutterbean
  • Baby in bloom 14 of 51
    Baby in bloom
    "My mama bet me I couldn't keep this hat on my head all day. Pay up, sucker."
    — Photo by Erin Loechner, @erinloechner, First Time Around
  • Let it rain 15 of 51
    Let it rain
    With their colorful rain boots and slickers on, this duo's ready for any April showers headed their way.
    — Photo by Selena, @lepetitreve, Le Petit Reve
  • Truck stop 16 of 51
    Truck stop
    A picnic in the back of an old truck bed sounds like the perfect way to toil away the afternoon. Can we come?
    — Photo by Kristen Howerton, @kristenhowerton, Roadside Assistance
  • The skys the limit 17 of 51
    The skys the limit
    "When winter's grey skies fade away, doesn't it feel like anything is possible?" We agree.
    — Photo by Cecily Kellogg, @cecilyk, Uppercase Lowdown
  • Petal power 18 of 51
    Petal power
    By the looks of this flower, we'd say spring is in full bloom.
    — Photo by Lisa Leonard, @lisaleonard, Lisa Leonard Blog
  • Field of dreams 19 of 51
    Field of dreams
    Running barefoot through wild flowers — does it get more relaxing?
    — Photo by Noel, @imoments, Bosh Images
  • Fit to be tied 20 of 51
    Fit to be tied
    With a bowtie like that, we imagine this dapper fellow will be the talk of the Easter egg hunt.
    — Photo by Jessica Erickson, @allorahandmade, Allorah Handmade
  • Flower power 21 of 51
    Flower power
    She's stoked for spring. So are we.
    — Photo by Jenny Fast, @superwife, The Adventures of Superwife
  • Grass roots 22 of 51
    Grass roots
    Don't bug her — she's busy counting dragonflies.
    — Photo by Melissa Jordan, @withoutmelissa, Dear Baby
  • Fifty shades of orange 23 of 51
    Fifty shades of orange
    There's nothing more breathtaking than the first sunset of spring.
    — Photo by Alyson Brown, @unrulythings, Unruly Things
  • Garden of eat-en 24 of 51
    Garden of eat-en
    We've never seen a more delicious bouquet of flowers.
    — Photo by Alison Faulkner, @thealisonshow, The Alison Show
  • She huffed and she puffed 25 of 51
    She huffed and she puffed
    Blowing bubbles on a warm March day — she's living the good life.
    — Photo by Morgan, @the818, The
  • A room to spring for 26 of 51
    A room to spring for
    What better way to decorate your kids' room for Easter than with this adorable banner, complete with pinwheels and balloons to boot?
    — Photo by Rachel Denbow, @smileandwave, Smile and Wave
  • Hip hip hooray 27 of 51
    Hip hip hooray
    When he heard winter was over, he couldn't help but jump for joy. We understand.
    — Photo by Kristen Grove, @simplygrove, Simply Grove
  • Master of accessorizing 28 of 51
    Master of accessorizing
    There's no such thing as too much sun with shades like these. Rock on.
    — Photo by @scenebyme, Scene By Me
  • Water works 29 of 51
    Water works
    What's the best cure for rainy day blues? A lollipop, of course.
    — Photo by Randi Brookman Harris, @randibrookmanharris, Randi Brookman Harris
  • Nice wheels 30 of 51
    Nice wheels
    It's been our dream to take a cross-country road trip in a retro VW van. One day.
    — Photo by Ciaran Blumenfeld, @momfluential, Casa de Chaos
  • What a peach 31 of 51
    What a peach
    There's nothing like sharing a bowl of sweetness on a warm spring afternoon.
    — Photo by Amanda Watters, @mamawatters, It's the Little Things
  • Green thumbs up 32 of 51
    Green thumbs up
    They were dedicated to growing the most beautiful daisies on the block this year. Good luck.
    — Photo by Katie Granju, @kgranju, Home/work
  • Call of the wild 33 of 51
    Call of the wild
    With three warm months ahead of them, they couldn't wait to start exploring the woods — or at least their backyard.
    — Photo by Xanthe Berkeley, @xantheb, Xanthe Berkeley Photos & Films
  • Beat it, winter 34 of 51
    Beat it, winter
    The kindergartner saw her shadow, which means spring is here.
    — Photo by Keli, @kelihoskins, Kidnapped by Suburbia
  • Lifes a beach 35 of 51
    Lifes a beach
    It's snapshots like this that make us wonder why it's not spring break all year long.
    — Photo by Jenny, @jennyonthespot, Jenny on the Spot
  • Flower power 36 of 51
    Flower power
    A bouquet of freshly cut tulips is what spring smells like, don't you think?
    — Photo by Andrea, @hulaseventy, Hula Seventy
  • The little lorax 37 of 51
    The little lorax
    We're going to go out on a limb and say he speaks for the trees.
    — Photo by Andy Herald, @howtobeadad, Night of the Living Dads
  • Hoppy campers 38 of 51
    Hoppy campers
    We're not gonna lie, it's a little shocking how calm these kids look sitting on Mr. Easter Bunny's lap.
    — Photo by Shelby Barone, @glitterfulfelt, Glitterful Felt Stories
  • Freshly picked 39 of 51
    Freshly picked
    She wasn't so sure she believed the myth of the dandelions, but she made a wish anyway.
    — Photo by Rebecca Woolf, @girlsgonechild, Gone Child(ssss)
  • A sunny disposition 40 of 51
    A sunny disposition
    When you haven't seen the sun in three months, it's totally appropriate to hop off your bike and bask in it.
    — Photo by Susan Petersen, @freshlypicked, Babble blogger
  • Gone lizard-ing 41 of 51
    Gone lizard-ing
    There's nothing like your first catch of the spring.
    — Photo by Meagan Shemenski, @fairlyfabulous1, Fairly Fabulous
  • Gangs all here 42 of 51
    Gangs all here
    Good times with your best buds are what warm spring afternoons are made for.
    — Photo by Emily Frame, @emilyframe, Ruffling Feathers
  • Making waves 43 of 51
    Making waves
    Staring off into the deep blue sea, she wondered why every day couldn't be spent at the beach.
    — Photo by Cyndi Monaghan, @elf_girl, Mermaids and Moss
  • Surf shack 44 of 51
    Surf shack
    If this isn't the perfect spring break getaway, we don't know what is.
    — Photo by Rachel Shingleton, @pencilshavings, Pencil Shavings Studio
  • Crafty chick 45 of 51
    Crafty chick
    A little birdy told us that spring has sprung. We're egg-static.
    — Photo by James, @bleubird, Bleubird
  • Spring for style 46 of 51
    Spring for style
    Shades? Check. Chickadee romper? Check. Comfy sandals? Check. We're digging everything about this look.
    — Photo by Danni Remender, @danniremender
  • Jokes on you 47 of 51
    Jokes on you
    This funny guy is ready for next month. Is that an elephant behind you?! April fools.
    — Photo by Claire Wise, @clairewise, Claire Wise Photography
  • Wait in lime 48 of 51
    Wait in lime
    While we've never been one for Crocs, we'll make an exception for these neon kicks. What can we say? Baby's got style.
    — Photo by Valerie Rowekamp, @charmedvalerie, Charmed Valerie
  • Step up to the plate 49 of 51
    Step up to the plate
    We don't know what we love more, the spring-ified Oreos or the blue, polka-dotted tableware.
    — Photo by Elizabeth Berry, @_mariaelizabeth
  • Shady girl 50 of 51
    Shady girl
    "Bring it on, Mr. Sunshine."
    — Photo by Ilana Wiles, @mommyshorts, Babble blogger
  • Blue skies ahead 51 of 51
    Blue skies ahead
    The wind in your hair, toes on the dash — spring break has officially begun.
    — Photo by Jenny Mae, @ohjennymae, Oh Jenny Mae


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