It’s OK to Be Smart! 21 Home Decor Ideas for Book Lovers

In a world of shuttered Borders, the decline of print, the rise of e-readers, and the undeniable popularity of Twilight series (kidding, kidding!), us bookish types are facing some tough times. But just because the outside world is an unfriendly place for the printed word doesn’t mean your home has to be.

Curl up in your nook (not that nook) and check out our favorite decorating ideas for word nerds, from bookends to bookshelves. See them after the jump!

Jillian Capewell

  • The End 1 of 21
    The End
    If your favorite part of any story is the satisfying conclusion, then this literal bookshelf will tickle your tastes ... and look smart doing it.
    Find out where to get this bookend
  • Extra Reading 2 of 21
    Extra Reading
    Italian design firm Saporiti has created this ingenious shelving system that would be right at home with true word nerds: square shelves are available in each letter of the alphabet, so you can read your bookcase before you even pick out a book.
    Learn more about Saporiti here
  • For Late-Night Readers 3 of 21
    For Late-Night Readers
    No need for a bookmark when reading your favorite book to the light of this cute house-shaped lamp. Just place it right on top to serve as a roof!
    Find out where to get this lamp
  • Charging Dock 4 of 21
    Charging Dock
    Even if you're not well-read, look the part (or charge your iPad for e-reading!) with this charming charging dock, which looks right at home atop a stack of classics.
    Get it from Rich Neeley Designs
  • Bunny Bookends 5 of 21
    Bunny Bookends
    Readers of any age would be hoppy to have these cute critters keeping their favorite stories in place.
    Get them from Wolfum
  • For the Academic 6 of 21
    For the Academic
    If your favorite books are of the spiral-bound kind, this academic-chic ruler lamp would be the perfect thing to oversee your studies.
    Learn more about this lamp
  • Color Coded 7 of 21
    Color Coded
    Organize your books by color for a simple design DIY at home with a striking effect!
    Get inspired with more rainbow bookshelves
  • Hang It All! 8 of 21
    Hang It All!
    If your walls are overtaken by books (how dreamy!), but you'd still like to show off some artwork, just hang your favorite framed prints from the shelves!
    Learn how to do this DIY
  • Paint Your Bookshelves 9 of 21
    Paint Your Bookshelves
    Adding an unexpected color, like this hunter green, is an easy way to make books — and a room — pop.
    Find tips on how to get this look
  • Make a Dresser Multi-Purpose 10 of 21
    Make a Dresser Multi-Purpose
    If you're tight on space in a nursery or kids room — or simply just like the look — you can turn a dresser into a bookcase with a few inexpensive spice racks!
    See how this mom did it
  • Learn Your Letters! 11 of 21
    Learn Your Letters!
    For anyone who's learning which letter comes after L (for "literary," obviously), or who just appreciates a bold, modern look, there's this bookshelf from Finnish shop Kayiwa.
    Learn more about this bookcase
  • Make Your Own Bookends 12 of 21
    Make Your Own Bookends
    There's nothing better than heading back to your bookshelf in search of a good story — especially when everything's held in place by a bookend of your own creation.
    Get 21 DIY ideas for bookends
  • Say It with a Print 13 of 21
    Say It with a Print
    Hang these awesome Dr. Seuss prints in a nursery or toddler room to get your little one loving books from the start.
    Check out different Seuss prints
  • Cut Them Up (with Caution!) 14 of 21
    Cut Them Up (with Caution!)
    While destroying a book is the last thing the true bibliophile wants to see, this would be a stunning party decorating idea if you had a bunch of damaged or un-readable books. Or protect your tomes and simply print out bookish text for the same effect.
    See 16 more DIYs using old book pages
  • Triple-Word Score 15 of 21
    Triple-Word Score
    Seem to have three times the Scrabble pieces than you have boards? Put them to use by hanging them up in a kids' room — it's an easy, playful way to display favorite books of the moment.
    Find more snazzy home decorating tricks
  • Snuggle Up 16 of 21
    Snuggle Up
    A pillow and a rug turns a wide bottom shelf into the perfectly kid-sized reading nook. Bonus: any books can be stored on the shelf above!
    Get inspired with more kids reading nook ideas
  • Words on Your Walls 17 of 21
    Words on Your Walls
    We had to start somewhere before tackling Goodnight Moon and Infinite Jest, right? These adorable alphabet prints would be perfect in a nursery.
    See more letters
  • Spell It Out 18 of 21
    Spell It Out
    Combine play and learning with a soft, colorful alphabet mat.
    Get it from Toys 'R' Us
  • Dick and Jane 19 of 21
    Dick and Jane
    These classic Dick and Jane-inspired blocks are fun for baby, and perfect for the vintage-loving mom who's designing the nursery.
    Get them from Etsy
  • The Poet-tree 20 of 21
    The Poet-tree
    If you don't have enough books for a giant tree like this one, a cute, Charlie Brown-style book tree would look just as nice on a side or coffee table.
    No books? Try these Christmas tree ideas instead
  • Disguise Your Electronics 21 of 21
    Disguise Your Electronics
    If the perfectly musty rare book collection in your home office is being marred by the glow of your laptop, just throw one of these ingenious coverups on it — your book club won't suspect a thing.
    Learn more at BookBook by TwelveSouth

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