Itty Bitty Living Space: 10 of the Coolest DollHouses You Ever Did See

10 amazing dollhouses

I never had a doll house when I was little. I didn’t really play with dolls – but I might have if I had a cool pad for them to hang out in. You’ve probably seen a basic doll house or two in your day, but I’d like to show you some truly unique ones. Whether it be overall look or materials, these doll houses have something a little extra special. For instance, this mouse tree house above was inspired by Brambly Hedge and built completely from scratch, including most of the furniture and decorations. The process was intricate and you can see it here.

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  • Frida’s Place 1 of 9
    Frida's Place
    Cuban-American artist Elsa Mora built this doll house as a replica of Frida Kahlo's studio.
    See more images at Elsa's blog
  • Gnome Home 2 of 9
    Gnome Home
    Gnomes live in the woods, so naturally their house is a tree house. This doll house is made from the salvaged branches of hazelnut and alder trees.
    Get more information at Magic Cabin
  • Kaleidoscope of Color 3 of 9
    Kaleidoscope of Color
    The sliding walls of this doll house act as a kaleidoscope; colors change in hue and value as the walls move. It was designed by Bozart Toys.
    Learn more about it at PNWArchitects
  • Hobbit Shire 4 of 9
    Hobbit Shire
    If you've read any of the Lord of the Rings series or seen the movies, this doll house translates into the perfect little Hobbit hole.
    See more images at Madshobbithole's Blog
  • Movie Inspired 5 of 9
    Movie Inspired
    This doll house is an exact replica of the house featured in the movie "Up." The artist even sculpted figurines from the movie to go inside the house.
    See more images at Deviant Art
  • Bosdyk’s House 6 of 9
    Bosdyk's House
    This doll house is so intricate that it took 8 years to build - 15,000 hours and many thousands of dollars in materials. The care taken in each room is almost unbelievable.
    See more images at Powerhouse Museum
  • Modern Chalet 7 of 9
    Modern Chalet
    I love the unique silhouette of this chalet doll house - and all the modern furniture that goes inside of it.
    Learn more at Houzz
  • Chic Cardboard 8 of 9
    Chic Cardboard
    This modern doll house features a unique material - ecologically sound cardboard - and can easily be unassembled and lay flat.
    Find out more at Parenting Clan
  • From a Bookshelf 9 of 9
    From a Bookshelf
    This doll house proves you don't need anything fancy to get the same effect - it's created from a bookshelf.
    Find out how to do it at Bliss Images . . . and Beyond



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