Keeping My Eye On the Prize: Scouting for Christmas Tree Decor

We’re leaving to go out of town next weekend, so we’ve kept Christmas decor on the more minimal side this year. We got a tiny little tree and it only needed one strand of lights! 🙂 I used a handful of the most easily accesible ornaments from my collection of vintage and new Christmas tree decorations.

I love vintage, but I also love scouting for new pieces every year about this time. Seasonal decor goes on CRAZY sale at and immediately after the holiday, but the trick is to be informed and be ready to move as soon as the price drops! Or else you’ll be left empty-handed. Want to see what I have my eye on this year for next year’s (hopefully full-sized) tree?

  • Double Bulb 1 of 25
    Could these double bulb ornaments be any cooler!? LOVE this original, unique look!
    Purchase at:West Elm
  • Glass Ball 2 of 25
    I love having these clear glass ball ornaments on hand for when the holiday crafting itch comes on!!
    Purchase at:Save-on-Crafts
  • Glitter Bulb 3 of 25
    Glitter bulbs are always a yes for me!
    Purchase at:West Elm
  • Lilac Bulb 4 of 25
    These handblown glass bulbs from Anthropologie are completely amazing. Truly, my dream ornaments! The colors are unreal. I am crazy for this lilac!
    Purchase at:Anthropologie
  • Jade Bulb 5 of 25
    I think this jade green might be my favorite!
    Purchase at:Anthropologie
  • Pink Bulb 6 of 25
    I also love a good fuchsia! These are much more wallet-friendly!!! Only a few dollars each (and they're sure to go on sale soon)
    Purchase at:Crate and Barrel
  • Purple Bulb 7 of 25
    This electric purple 4" bulb is a really great statement! I would love to add a couple of these to my tree!
    Purchase at:Crate and Barrel
  • Mottled Mirrored 8 of 25
    Oh my goodness, I love these mottled mirrored ornaments! What little treasures to pass on to your kids someday!
    Purchase at:Anthropologie
  • Glitter Flamestitch 9 of 25
    You'd only need a few of these glitter flamestitch ornaments to really take your tree to the next level!
    Purchase at:Anthropologie
  • Sequins 10 of 25
    Add a few of these all-over, no pattern sequin ornaments to the mix!
    Purchase at:Pier 1
  • Striped 11 of 25
    These would be a fun DIY. I love the shape the stripes take on! And those colors! Really great!
    Purchase at:Anthropologie
  • Painted 12 of 25
    Michaels always has a huge selection of ornaments. They are on sale most of the holiday season, but go on CRAZY sale at and after Christmas. I like the color and pattern on this one from their site.
    Purchase at:Michaels
  • Glitter Starburst 13 of 25
    I love the texture these starburst ornaments would add to a tree!
    Purchase at:Crate and Barrel
  • Colored Foil 14 of 25
    More textured ornaments. I think I remember one of my grandmother's having something similar to these ornaments on their tree. I like the bright colors!
    Purchase at:Urban Outfitters
  • Puppy 15 of 25
    Wouldn't it be fun to have a special ornament of your dog? This site has lots of different dogs to chose from and they're all really cute! Pricey right now, but sure to go on sale soon. What a lovely gift for a parent or dog-loving friend.
    Purchase at:Front Gate
  • Etched Glass 16 of 25
    I would love to mix a couple of these etched mercury glass ornament sets with the bright glass bulbs! Wouldn't that be a pretty mix?
    Purchase at:Ballard Designs
  • Glass Dots 17 of 25
    I really love polkadots! These are more sophisticated in a mercury glass form.
    Purchase at:Crate and Barrel
  • Sari Garland 18 of 25
    How amazing is this garland made from vintage saris!! I'm crazy over this idea.
    Purchase at:Crate and Barrel
  • Tin Lights 19 of 25
    I'm thinking of getting these tin star lights for my girls room to use year-round. They're so cute!!
    Purchase at:Urban Outfitters
  • Starburst 20 of 25
    Some people are angle tree-topper people, which can be such a pretty look! My mom has a gorgeous hand-crocheted angel tree-topper that I've always loved. But I think for the most part, I'm in the star tree-topper camp. I'm loving this Sunburst mirror style tree topper! Very chic!
    Purchase at:Ballard Designs
  • Small Vintage Star 21 of 25
    My assistant bought this vintage-inspired tree topper star--she says it's perfect for small trees! And it's only $12!
    Purchase at:Anthropologie
  • Vintage Set 22 of 25
    This vintage inspired ornament set INCLUDES a tree topper! Cool!
    Purchase at:Urban Outfitters
  • Glitter Snowflake 23 of 25
    This gorgeous tree topper is sold out online, but I saw it in-store last time I was at West Elm, so you might get lucky if you check yours!
    Purchase at:West Elm
  • Moravian Star 24 of 25
    Who doesn't love a Moravian star chandelier? I'd love one for a tree-topper too!
    Purchase at:Improvements
  • NOMA Star 25 of 25
    I love these vintage tinsel star tree toppers by NOMA! Etsy and eBay are full of them!
    Purchase at:nellsvintagehouse on Etsy

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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