Keep The Kids From Eating You Out of House & Home All Summer

Today was my youngest’s last day of kindergarten — she’s home with me for the next 12 weeks. In just a few days, her sisters will be home with us, too. We’re looking forward to lazy days, park trips, swimming, and more summer fun than we’ll know what to do with.

What I’m not looking forward to is the increased grocery bill — my girls eat a full, healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner. But, let’s not forget 2nd breakfast, elevensees, and afternoon snack. I’m clearly raising a bunch of Hobbits. Really, really tall Hobbits.

But, I finally stumbled on a solution to keep our summer grocery budget under control.

The summer snack box.

It’s a fun way to reuse our school-year lunch boxes and limit the snacking while still giving kids free reign of the healthy foods. Each morning, I fill 3 lunchboxes with a selection of fruits, crackers, and other mom-approved snacks. Plus, the very occasional treat.

The girls have full control over when and how much they eat, but when it’s gone? They have to wait for the next meal. They’ve learned to ration their snacks a bit, but they never complain of being hungry. Plus, our snack boxes are portable so we can grab them as we head out the door to the park, the zoo or other fun summer stops.

It’s so nice to spend the summer having fun, without hearing “Mom, I’m hungry!” all day long. But, tell me I’m not alone! How much do your kids eat when they’re home through the day?

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