Last Minute Easter Egg Designs

Have you checked out the amazing Easter egg designs all over Pinterest? Sadly for my girls, their mom just isn’t that talented. Also? I’m a notorious procrastinator. Luckily, I know a few tricks for making fun Easter egg designs from the junk drawer.

All you’ll need is the simplest egg dyeing kit (or go natural with your own colors!) and a few basic office supplies to make your Easter eggs a little more spectacular. That works for this frugal mom — no expensive egg kits, no fancy craft supplies, just a few things I already have lying around.

Check out these fun Easter eggs:

  • Two-Toned and Tie-Dye 1 of 6
    Two-Toned and Tie-Dye
    You can easily make cool designs with no tools at all, if you have a little patience. For this striped design, I just suspended an egg in one color, then switched after it was dry. For a tie-dye look, move the egg around a bit in different colored dyes.
  • Rubber Band Stripes 2 of 6
    Rubber Band Stripes
    Wrap an egg with a rubberband or two, then dye it as usual. When the egg dries, remove the rubberbands for fun stripes.
  • Glitter Polka Dots 3 of 6
    Glitter Polka Dots
    When my dyed egg was dry, I added glue dots, then dipped it into glitter. It was a bit messy and the glitter tried to stick all over, but it was simple to wipe the glitter from the rest of the egg for a clean design.
  • All Over Glitter 4 of 6
    All Over Glitter
    You can sprinkle glitter over a freshly-dyed egg for a subtler look, but I went with all out disco ball. As soon as the egg was out of the dye, I moved it to a container of glitter and rolled it around a bit.
  • Rubber Cement Swirls 5 of 6
    Rubber Cement Swirls
    Drip rubber cement over a white egg, then allow to dry before dyeing. The dye won't stick and the glue is easy to peel away when the egg is completely dry.
  • White Sticker Dots 6 of 6
    White Sticker Dots
    Use yard sale stickers, hole-punch reinforcers or any other shaped sticker you can find. Dye as usual and peel the sticker off when the egg has dried.

By the way, I followed this How to Hard Boil an Egg tutorial for the best hard-boiled eggs yet! We already taste-tested our cracked eggg. (Only one! Add salt to the boiling water to reduce cracking for Easter eggs.)

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