Create a Beautiful Wreath Using This Laundry Basket Hack

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Image Source: Lily Glass | Babble
Image Source: Lily Glass | Babble

‘Tis the season! Nothing says “Happy Holidays” like a handmade, fresh floral wreath on the door. But to be honest, wreath-making isn’t the easiest of holiday traditions. (Which is why people spend $50 on fake ones.) But this holiday season, I took a note from this handy laundry basket hack tutorial, and a break from the branch wrangling.

By cutting off the rim of a laundry basket, you’re basically creating a circular template in which to build your wreath. This hack speeds up the process and creates a beautiful, more polished final product. And because this provides more of a layering method, it’s something the kiddos can easily participate in.

We used floral wire, a few smaller arrangements, and topped things off with a lovely big ribbon. Keep the bottom portion of the basket as a smaller wreath template or simply for storage! My little one loved handing me the florals and giving her expert placement suggestions.

The total cost for all the flowers and supplies was about $25 and provided enough for three wreaths, so we’ll be able to make a few extra and spread the love (and delicious floral smell) by gifting them to the assisted living home across the street!

Image Source: Lily Glass
Image Source: Lily Glass

Laundry Basket Wreath Hack

inspired by A Piece of Rainbow


  • Round, plastic laundry basket
  • Scissors
  • A variety of greens, berries, and florals that will dry well*
  • Floral wire (like this from Amazon)
  • Wide ribbon

*Note: Look for hearty leaves and petals, and stay away from very delicate varieties. Eucalyptus is my favorite as it’s often easy to find at your local grocer or farmer’s markets and comes in seeded, spiral, and silver dollar varieties that look great together.


  1. Begin by cutting the rim off the top of the laundry basket. Cut about 3″ from the basket’s rim, so you’ll have a “wall” of sorts in which to build the wreath.

    Image Source: Lily Glass
    Image Source: Lily Glass
  2. Lay down your base greens first until you reach your desired thickness.
  3. Add a second (and third, if desired) layer of greenery and begin securing the base with multiple pieces of floral wire.

    image source: lily glass
    image source: lily glass
  4. With your wreath still in the basket form, lay down the finishing touches of berries and florals. Group them into small bunches like little boutonnieres and fasten them together with floral wire, leaving another 2″ of wire to then secure to the wreath base.
    Image Source: Lily Glass
    Image Source: Lily Glass
  5. Carefully remove the wreath from the basket form.
  6. Finish with a nice big bow!

    image source: lily glass
    image source: lily glass

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