Lucky in Love: 10 Ways to Save Some Green on Date Night

Valentine’s Day blew right by us, in a blur of an adoption home study, basketball practice, Girl Scout field trips, and more. We did, however, manage a weekly date night throughout the month as we took a free class together. It was a fun way to reconnect without putting a strain on our budget.

As we head into another opportunity for a weekend date, I realized St. Patrick’s Day is upon us. It has me thinking a lot about green — and how to save it!

A regular date night is incredibly important to us, but we’re keeping a tight rein on our finances these days. Being a little more creative and flexible helps us keep our marriage a priority, without spending a lot of money.


  • Here are 10 ways to enjoy your next date night on a budget: 1 of 11
    Here are 10 ways to enjoy your next date night on a budget:
  • Begin at the Beginning 2 of 11
    Begin at the Beginning
    Instead of going out for dinner, order a couple of appetizers to share. The hubby and I like to hit the local Mexican restaurant on Margarita Monday — We can linger over a shared nacho plate and grab a cheap drink.
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  • Do Lunch 3 of 11
    Do Lunch
    Or, skip dinner altogether in favor of a less expensive lunch. We like to sneak away while the kids are in school, when the meals are often lower priced.
  • Cook at Home 4 of 11
    Cook at Home
    There's nothing more romantic than a candlight dinner for two — especially when it's in the privacy of your own home. It's fun to work together in the kitchen, and I'm totally up for donning this hot little number while we cook!
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  • Play Games 5 of 11
    Play Games
    Whether your tastes run to board games or video games, there's nothing like a night of fun after the kids are asleep! Just last week, we spent hours playing old school Nintendo games after dinner, laughing and enjoying one another.
  • Have Coffee 6 of 11
    Have Coffee
    Check with your local coffee house or bookshop for details on open mic nights, free concerts, or poetry readings.
  • Check for Deals 7 of 11
    Check for Deals
    We've had great luck with daily deal sites for fun activities to do together. We've been rock climbing and to museums. We've bought tickets to comedy clubs, movies, and sporting events. I love taking advantage of the specials to find new things to do in our area.
  • Be a Kid Again 8 of 11
    Be a Kid Again
    This is one of my favorite pictures, racing down the slide at the Children's Museum. We've also ridden the carousel horses together, gone to the batting cages, mini-golfed, and spent hours at the Pinball Hall of Fame playing arcade games — all are inexpensive and so much fun, even without the kids!
  • Find Freebies 9 of 11
    Find Freebies
    Keep an eye on parks, churches, and other community centers for free and frugal activities. We just finished a month of free ballroom dance classes at my church — unbelievably fun, romantic, and completely free!
  • Catch a Cheap Movie 10 of 11
    Catch a Cheap Movie
    We don't typically do movies for date night — it's just not as interactive as other activities — but when we do, it's usually the 2nd-run theater, free tickets or using movie rewards earned taking the girls to the theater.
  • Just Desserts 11 of 11
    Just Desserts
    Why let dessert be the end of a date when it can be the main event? We go out for ice cream or split an amazing dessert out after dinner with the kids. It's a great way to enjoy a fancy restaurant without the high cost of a full meal.

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