Make a Paper Lantern Chandelier!

I threw a Sweet 16 Party for my daughter over the weekend. It was so much fun. I had a great time coming up with some bright and happy party decorations for the party. One of my favorite things that I made was a colorful light installation using paper lanterns. It’s an easy way to make a dramatic statement for any type of party or get-together.
I’ll share how YOU can make one, after the break!

  1. First, collect 9-12 paper lanterns. You can pick them up at any party supply. And sometimes the Dollar Store has white ones. If you have a Hobby Lobby, they have a set of 3 for lanterns in different sizes for $4.99. Different shades of one color look great.
  2. You will also need some twine and some push pins.
  3. Assemble the paper lanterns and tie them together with twine, leaving about 6 inches at the top of the first lantern.
  4. Take the top of the twine, tie it and wrap the twine around the base of the push pin, then push it into the ceiling.
  5. Do this for each lantern row that you make.
  6. It looks best to stagger the lines of lanterns, so they are not lined up in a row.
  7. It also looks best if you have different amounts of lanterns in each row. I made one very long row, then two medium and one short row.
  8. The last thing you can do is add some twinkle lights inside of the lanterns. This is optional. I used batter-operated lights and then tucked it all inside of the lanterns. That way there were no cords visible.

And you are done!

Enjoy your festive chandelier. It’s sure to be a conversation starter!!

And you are welcome to drop by Tatertots & Jello for the rest of the Sweet 16 Party. It was a fun night!!



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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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