Masks, Tails, Wings and Hats: 25 DIY Halloween Costume Essentials

Many Halloween costumes are incomplete without their essential accessories. Sure you can throw a white pillowcase over you and call yourself a ghost, but what would a superhero be without his cape or a cat without his ears? Learn how to make bat, butterfly, fairy and bird wings along with crowns, capes and feet to go with them. You can spot it all here in Masks, Tails, Wings and Hats: 25 DIY Halloween Costume Essentials…

  • Witch Hat 1 of 25
    Witch Hat
    This is a must-have for any little witch costume.
    Check it out at Momstastic.
  • Superhero Masks 2 of 25
    Superhero Masks
    If they're gonna be a superhero, they've gotta have the mask.
    Check it out at Cutesy Crafts.
  • Animal Masks 3 of 25
    Animal Masks
    Instantly transform into a ferocious tiger, wise owl or playful panda.
    Find out more at Petit Poulou.
  • Dino Tails 4 of 25
    Dino Tails
    Sew him a dinosaur tail that he is sure to love.
    Check it out at Running with Scissors.
  • Bird Wings 5 of 25
    Bird Wings
    Use scrap fabric to sew stunning bird wings for an owl or crow costume.
    Find out more at Prudent Baby.
  • Dragon Wings 6 of 25
    Dragon Wings
    Turn your little one into a magical dragon.
    Find out more at Feelin Crafty.
  • Superhero Capes 7 of 25
    Superhero Capes
    You could also make them just black for a vampire cape .
    Find out more at All for the Boys.
  • Crowns 8 of 25
    Perfect for a king, queen and princess.
    Spotted at Hello Bee.
  • Butterfly Wings 9 of 25
    Butterfly Wings
    Check out these stunning butterfly wings.
    Find out more at Martha Stewart.
  • The Double Costume Headband 10 of 25
    The Double Costume Headband
    Check out this headband that can be used for a bride veil or Rapunzel hair.
    Find out more at Prudent Baby.
  • Monster Feet 11 of 25
    Monster Feet
    Cut out monster feet from foam and cut holes your feet to slip through.
    Find out more at Media.
  • Superhero Cuffs 12 of 25
    Superhero Cuffs
    Learn how to make cuffs for a superhero costume.
    Find out more at The Train to Crazy.
  • Mermaid Tails 13 of 25
    Mermaid Tails
    Use sequence fabric to make pretty mermaid tails.
    Check it out at Tootsie Grace.
  • Princess Cape 14 of 25
    Princess Cape
    Sew her a pretty princess cape with fur collar.
    Find out more at Prudent Baby.
  • Fairy Wings 15 of 25
    Fairy Wings
    Use an old hanger to make beautiful fairy wings.
    Find out more at Fairy Wings.
  • Buzz Gloves 16 of 25
    Buzz Gloves
    Use freezer paper and a pair of white gloves to make these cool buzz gloves.
    Find out more at Just Another Day in Paradise.
  • Jet Pack 17 of 25
    Jet Pack
    Use two-liter bottles to make an explosive jet pack.
    Find out more at Doodle Craft.
  • Frontier Vest 18 of 25
    Frontier Vest
    Sew a frontier vest for your little cowboy.
    Check it out at Made.
  • Jedi Robe 19 of 25
    Jedi Robe
    This could also be used for a Harry Potter robe or Grim Reaper robe.
    Find out more at Simplistically Sally.
  • Monster Hats 20 of 25
    Monster Hats
    Sew up a Frankenstein head.
    Find out more at Delia Creates.
  • Ears 21 of 25
    Sew a set of ears for your animal costume.
    Find out more at Tally's Treasury.
  • Bat Mask 22 of 25
    Bat Mask
    Sew up masks for your little bats.
    Find out more at Living with Punks.
  • Bat Wings 23 of 25
    Bat Wings
    You can't forget the wings.
    Find out more at Alpha Mom.
  • Your Complete Incognito Kit 24 of 25
    Your Complete Incognito Kit
    Follow the pattern to learn how to make these mustaches and beards for a Halloween costume.
    Find out more at Etsy.
  • Storm Trooper 25 of 25
    Storm Trooper
    Make a storm trooper helmet from a milk jug.
    Find out more at Filth Wizardy.

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