Modern? Meet Rustic: 24 Amazing Rustic Modern Dining Rooms

Ask any designer and they’ll tell you: the key to mastering natural-feeling decor lies in the mix. The element of surprise!

Lately I’ve been really grooving on the mix of modern + rustic. Especially in the dining room.

After the jump, 25 of my favorite ultra inspiring dining spaces that master the perfect mix of rough and sleek.

  • Plus Shag 1 of 24
    Plus Shag
    This is going to be my favorite dining inspiration image until the day I die probably.
    Image Credit: Apartment Therapy
  • Modern Rustic And Some Shabby Chic To Boot 2 of 24
    Modern Rustic And Some Shabby Chic To Boot
    Why not, right?
    Image Credit: Material Girls
  • When In Doubt, Tulip 3 of 24
    When In Doubt, Tulip
    There is something about having one random tulip chair around a table that gets me every time. Bravo!
    Image Credit: Material Girls
  • Modern Rustic And Some Terribly Traditional, As Well 4 of 24
    Modern Rustic And Some Terribly Traditional, As Well
    I feel very strongly about the wonderfulness of this room.
    Image Credit: Making It Lovely
  • Stately! 5 of 24
    My goodness, that black chair is a revelation!
    Image Credit: Made By Girl
  • Room For Parties 6 of 24
    Room For Parties
    More of those divine Tulip chairs! Sign me up!
    Image Credit: Sparkle Pants Girl
  • Perfectly Imperfect 7 of 24
    Perfectly Imperfect
    I would die for this table. Plus I just really like that milk glass dish.
    Image Credit: Sunfl0wer Seeds
  • Bertoia For You-ia? 8 of 24
    Bertoia For You-ia?
    Oh, Harry. You had me at wire bucket chairs.
    Image Credit: The Design File
  • Alliums Please 9 of 24
    Alliums Please
    Alliums are basically the modern meets rustic of the foliage world, I know you'd agree.
    Image Credit: The Design File
  • Green Paradise 10 of 24
    Green Paradise
    Here's what: the legs on those Eames chairs? Brilliant. Even if the lighting fixture looks like an upturned laundry basket.
    Image Credit: The Design File
  • Eat-In Kitchen 11 of 24
    Eat-In Kitchen
    Image Credit: You Are My Fave
  • Panton Plus . . . Marble? 12 of 24
    Panton Plus . . . Marble?
    The marble finish on this rustic table is a bit unexpected, but it's growing on me.
    Image Credit: Apartment Therapy
  • Eames Mix 13 of 24
    Eames Mix
    When going for a modern/rustic blend, Eames chairs are a staple solution. They make such a statement, and darn if those legs aren't just the sexiest!
    Image Credit: Apartment Therapy
  • Some Teak For Your Time 14 of 24
    Some Teak For Your Time
    This room could not possibly be prettier.
    Image Credit: Apartment Therapy
  • Shared Space 15 of 24
    Shared Space
    There is something really exciting to me about the idea of modern chairs sharing seating room with a good old farm bench.
    Image Credit: Apartment Therapy
  • How About Some Tolix? 16 of 24
    How About Some Tolix?
    Those classic metal bistro type chairs made by Tolix are already a wonderful mix of rustic and modern in and of themselves. When you add a rough hewn table, you've basically got design nirvana on your hands.
    Image Credit: Apartment Therapy
  • S Stands For Stupendous 17 of 24
    S Stands For Stupendous
    There is nothing a good Pantone chair can't fix. Nothing I say!
    Image Credit: My Farmhouse
  • Ultra Minimal 18 of 24
    Ultra Minimal
    Sleek and pared down and delightful.
    Image Credit: Design Shimmer
  • Ultra Sleek Meets Ultra Rustic 19 of 24
    Ultra Sleek Meets Ultra Rustic
    But what on earth is that chandelier made of?
    Image Credit: Captivatist
  • Ghost Chairs! 20 of 24
    Ghost Chairs!
    Ghost chairs are a really fun way to bring the modern element into a room. They're just so fresh seeming!
    Image Credit: Apartment Therapy
  • Understated 21 of 24
    Sunflowers complement the rustic table quite nicely, don't you think?
    Image Credit: Apartment Therapy
  • Black Counts Too 22 of 24
    Black Counts Too
    Don't let all this white distract you from your mission: modern can be modern in all sorts of colors.
    Image Credit: Decor8 Blog
  • Done. DONE. 23 of 24
    Done. DONE.
    This one's done killed me dead. So fantastic. Modern light fixture for the win!
    Image Credit: Pinecone Palace
  • Bare Bones And Lovely 24 of 24
    Bare Bones And Lovely
    Whitewashed perfection I'd say.
    Image Credit: Pinecone Palace


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