Moms Only! 13 Rooms Made for Me-Time

While the day-to-day can be pretty great sometimes — moments when the kids are playing nicely, when the kitchen sink is empty and your coffee mug is full, when it’s 4:55PM and you’re all out of emails to answer — other times … you just need to get away. It’s a whole lot easier to carve out a special relaxation nook in your home than book a solo flight to the nearest empty beach, so we’ve rounded up some amazing images to inspire you, whether you’re looking for a cozy place to take a nap or get some serious sewing done. Check them out after the jump!

  • Shut-In 1 of 13
    If you really can't get away from everything, give yourself a time out by physically turning away from distractions like TV, the computer, or your to-do list, and and focusing on a window or fireplace — and some serious alone time.
    Photo credit: Design Sponge
  • Sleeping Porch 2 of 13
    Sleeping Porch
    Your family doesn't need a porch — your bed does! Kids, you go play outside. Mommy's watching ... Zzz.
    Photo credit: Sweet Peach
  • Airstream Cabin 3 of 13
    Airstream Cabin
    This is like an adult version of a dorm room, right? The key to making a room of your own is coziness ... even if it's in the spare vehicle on the lawn.
    Photo credit: Apartment Therapy
  • Home Spa 4 of 13
    Home Spa
    If you don't have a spare room in the house to work with, try altering one of your favorite rooms. Somehow we think we'd work out a lot more if this was where we had to do it.
    Photo credit: HGTV
  • Reading Rainbow 5 of 13
    Reading Rainbow
    The kids are sleeping. Step away from the computer. Move toward the bookshelf. If you're not into the whole working out in the bathroom thing, try turning a little corner of your house into a me-time nook.
    Photo credit: Apartment Therapy
  • Writing Desk 6 of 13
    Writing Desk
    Unlike college kids, we don't have the luxury of working from Starbucks. Adding a beautiful desk off a main room is a great way to designate a touch of ME space.
    Photo credit: Moorea Seal
  • Chestnuts Roasting … 7 of 13
    Chestnuts Roasting ...
    Even if you live in a relatively warm climate, adding an indoor fireplace to a room instantly makes it soothing.
    Photo credit: The Designer Pad
  • Sewing Room 8 of 13
    Sewing Room
    This room could be the perfect getaway for casual crafters or serious business types — the mix of clean lines, like the industrial supply board that's reminiscent of a tool shed, and the airy, pastel colors with bright accents achieves that perfectly. Ladies, start your Pinterest boards!
    Photo credit: Apartment Therapy
  • White Out 9 of 13
    White Out
    Want any space to look instantly zen? Pick one light color — if not white, then a shade of off-white, and choose pastel-y accessories to match.
    Photo credit: Design Sponge
  • Fashion Therapy 10 of 13
    Fashion Therapy
    A woman's closet is her haven. Try sprucing yours up with a bench and/or table so you can do more than change clothes.
    Photo credit: Habitually Chic
  • Savvy Chic 11 of 13
    Savvy Chic
    The business mama's dream office: whimsical, functional, and able to be tucked away at a moment's notice. Move all our meetings to tomorrow — thanks.
    Photo credit: Country Living
  • Outdoor Living 12 of 13
    Outdoor Living
    Real walls? Real furniture? I mean, who needs that, really? Sometimes the best me-time space is the great outdoors.
    Photo credit: Home-Designing
  • No Kids Allowed 13 of 13
    No Kids Allowed
    Who said the treehouse market only catered to the younger set? (Though you probably won't be able to keep the kids out of this one successfully.)
    Photo credit: The New York Times via Apartment Therapy

Photo credit: Desire to Inspire

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