Transform Toilet Paper Rolls into This Adorable ‘Monsters, Inc.’ Bowling Game

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A round of bowling is always fun, but it’s not exactly toddler-friendly. This DIY Monsters, Inc. Bowling game is the perfect way to let the whole family in on the classic activity.

Grab some paint, ping pong balls, and toilet paper rolls around the house to help Mike and Sulley get their scare game rolling, to conquer each of these Monsters, Inc. doors! Enjoy the game this summer while cooling off indoors, or set it up outside for some fun in the sun with your kids.

Monster's Inc. DIY supplies
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Monsters, Inc. Bowling

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  1. To create Boo’s door, use the medium brush to paint one of the toilet paper rolls pink. If needed, mix the pink with some white paint to get a lighter shade. Let dry.
  2. Sketch the door design on the roll, including the flowers, panels, and door knob.

    Monsters Inc. Boo's Door
    image source: ashley lam
  3. Use the small brush to trace the panels with magenta paint. Then cover the door knob with yellow and the flowers with magenta, purple, and yellow.
  4. Paint the remaining five toilet paper rolls with other colors to create different doors. Let dry.
  5. Sketch door designs on each of the rolls, and use the small brush and black paint to trace the decors you created.
  6. To make Sulley, cover one of the ping pong balls with blue paint. If needed, mix in some white to create a lighter shade that matches Sulley’s fur. Let dry.
  7. Sketch Sulley’s spots all over the ball, then use the small brush to fill them in with purple paint.

    Monster's Inc. painting Sulley
    image source: ashley lam
  8. For Mike Wazowski, paint the other ping pong ball green. If needed, mix in some white and yellow paint to create the right light lime green color. Let dry.
  9. Sketch his eye and pupil on the ball, and use the small brush to paint with white, black, and green. Let dry and get the game rolling!
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