9 Must-Have Crafting Supplies

We’ve all got our favorite supplies that get us through our crafty projects, right?

Here’s my list of 9 must-have craft supplies: These items are always close by, right at the ready! I never know when I’ll need to stitch, cut, or glue something up 🙂

  • 1- Scissors 1 of 9
    1- Scissors
    A good pair of scissors, for cutting fabric and a plethora of other things! I like to have a large pair and a needle nose pair.
  • 2- Needle and Thread 2 of 9
    2- Needle and Thread
    Just your basic needles and a few spools of thread. White and black thread is always on hand. And you can get a packet of needles for cheap, make sure there are a few sizes in the pack.
  • 3- Paint Brushes 3 of 9
    3- Paint Brushes
    You'll want all sizes, styles, and shapes of paint brushes. I stock up on sponge brushes, they are usually pretty cheap.
  • 4- Ribbon 4 of 9
    4- Ribbon
    I have loads of ribbon. I sort of collect it, as there are so many uses for it and you never know what color you're going to need.
  • 5- Hot Glue Gun 5 of 9
    5- Hot Glue Gun
    This glue is fast and works in an instant (almost). Just be careful, it's HOT.
  • 6- Craft Glue 6 of 9
    6- Craft Glue
    I carry all kinds of glue. They each have their use. Glue stick, glue dots, and fabric glue are all great.
  • 7- Double Bias Tape 7 of 9
    7- Double Bias Tape
    If you sew, this stuff is so fabulous. It's great for binding quilts, or finishing off a projects edge without having to hem. I love it for little aprons.
  • 8- Felt Squares 8 of 9
    8- Felt Squares
    I buy bunches of these. They make for simple projects, especially crafts for kids.
  • Rotary Cutter and Mat 9 of 9
    Rotary Cutter and Mat
    I don't know how you cut fabric without this set! The mat is magic and the cutter makes cutting fabric a breeze!

What are your must-haves? I want to know what you’re using, maybe it’s something I need too!

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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