New Year New You: Getting Organized

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About six months ago, I read a pretty awesome book. Perhaps you’ve heard of it? It has gotten quite a bit of buzz. The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin is a look at one woman’s year-long journey to improve her happiness by focusing on little things within her life over which she has control. Primary among those that stuck out in my mind? Decluttering, getting organized and finding special ways to enjoy the things she loves. With an upcoming move just a few weeks out, I’ve been thinking a lot about this idea of decluttering and making the space we live in more peaceful. Overflowing baskets of laundry and heaps of mail that need to be tended to? It’s not helping anybody’s stress level, I assure you. Especially because I work from home, creating a sanctuary where I can see and enjoy the things that make me smile (without having to trip over piles of craft supplies or toys to get there) sounds pretty awesome. So I spent some time over the last couple of weeks thinking about how I can implement some new organization tactics to help streamline the areas within our home that create the most stress for me. Perhaps your home could use a little freshening up, too? Here are 8 ideas for getting organized and loving your home a little bit more!

  • Too Much Clutter? 1 of 9
    Too Much Clutter?
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  • Organizing Glassware 2 of 9
    Organizing Glassware
    I own oodles of pretty glassware. As someone who loves to entertain, I love being able to serve up drinks of any variety in the appropriate glass. What I don't love so much? That most of my pretty glasses are tucked away in storage and difficult to find when I need them. So I love this idea of taking a basic shelving unit and creating a stunning bar! I would love seeing all my glassware lined up like this every day.
    Photo from Abstracta.
  • Keeping the Kitchen Tidy 3 of 9
    Keeping the Kitchen Tidy
    With two passionate cooks in the family, time spent in the kitchen is ample. Similar to the glassware issue, we have a lot of beautiful kitchen wares that I'd love to have neat and tidy and at the ready. I love this look of simple floating shelves where everything is easily within reach, but so pretty to look at, too!
    Photo from Design*Sponge.
  • Spruce Up the Desk 4 of 9
    Spruce Up the Desk
    My desk is a constant battle for me. In theory it's super cute and inspiring, but in reality it's usually covered in clutter. A pin board for clippings and pretty containers for holding office supplies sounds like a great way to reduce the visual clutter that seems to consume my working days!
    Photo from Design*Sponge.
  • Organize Craft Supplies 5 of 9
    Organize Craft Supplies
    Right along with that desk that seems to thrust itself into chaos perpetually is an abundance of craft supplies that need some organization. I love this look where everything is neat, tidy and easily found while being up and out of the way hanging over a work table.
    Photo from For Me, For You.
  • Wrangle the Mail 6 of 9
    Wrangle the Mail
    Ok, it's time for a confession. Mail is my nemesis! I would really love to develop a system like this where as mail comes in the door it's sorted into files according to things that need attention, bills that need to be paid, etc. Conquering mail in 2013 is a huge goal of mine!
    Photo from teal & lime.
  • Deal with Laundry 7 of 9
    Deal with Laundry
    I have a tendency to put laundry off as long as possible, because I just don't want to take the few moments in the day to fold it. Yes, it's the folding part that I hate! (Silly, right?) So from now on, I want to make a policy of tossing in a load as soon as it's made to keep the backlog from building up. Wish me luck with this one! I'll need it.
    Photo from Young House Love.
  • Recycle Like a Champ 8 of 9
    Recycle Like a Champ
    Recycling is something that's very important to me, but always seems to become a huge chore. This idea for keeping supplies at the ready to clean and sort recyclables makes a lot of sense and I'd love to try something similar!
    Photo from Martha Stewart.
  • A Squeaky Clean Sink 9 of 9
    A Squeaky Clean Sink
    We're pretty good at keeping our kitchen sink neat and tidy, stocked with plenty of sponges, detergents, hand soaps and flour sack towels, so this one is more of a reminder to myself to keep it that way when we move! I find tending to kitchen chores that much easier when all of my favorite supplies and cleaners are present and organized.
    Photo from Martha Stewart.


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