Ode to My Purple Shoes

I have this fabulous pair of shoes — cute, purple shoes that make me feel powerful and confident. These shoes are the reason I wear heels in the first place. I wore my purple shoes for media appearances. I wore them to conferences. I rocked these heels at social events.

Chances are, if you’ve met me in person, I was wearing the purple heels.

Until the heel broke off. And, honestly, even for a few weeks after that.

I was finally forced to admit that the purple shoes weren’t what they used to be and officially retired them. But, I just couldn’t bring myself to get ride of them and didn’t have the money to replace them.

The shoe repair store near here replaces heels for $16, but here’s the thing — those beautiful shoes were only $20 in the first place. I just couldn’t see spending more than 75% of the original price when I could just buy all new shoes.

For Christmas, the hubby bought me a new pair of purple shoes. These new shoes make me smile in ways I never imagined.

I didn’t ask for them, but he went into a shoe store on his own and picked out an absolutely gorgeous pair of shoes. They make me feel beautiful and cherished.

But, that’s a different kind of power. So, even though I wore the new purple shoes all the time, I still missed my trusty old shoes. Except, I couldn’t find another pair like them.

Those purple shoes sat in my closet for over a year. That’s when the heel broke off of my very favorite, basic black pumps. Again, a $20 shoe. I spent 2 full days shopping, trying on black shoe after black shoe to replace my everyday heel.

I thought I finally had just the thing — until I actually spent a day in them. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Those shoes were never worn again. So much for saving money!

I’ve spent a solid year trying to find another comfortable, cute, inexpensive black shoe to no avail. Eventually, I realized the value of the old shoes far exceeded their $20 price tag. To the cobbler I went with both pairs.

The black shoes were picked up yesterday, — polished, reheeled, and good as new! The purple ones will be back next week with new heels, a new life, and a whole new outlook on repairs. Sometimes, they’re worth far more than you would ever realize.

And, even if it makes “more sense” to replace something, it might not be the best choice.

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