Once in a Blue Moon (Or, Yearly) Cleaning Checklist

How many household chores are only remember once in a blue moon? Tonight is a blue moon, which really isn’t so different from any other full moon except it happens rarely enough to get it’s own cliche.

Today marks the 2nd full moon in August, giving it the name blue moon and making this the official weekend to finally get to all those chores you only do once in a blue moon. Plus, it’s a long weekend so you’ll have a little extra time to get everything done.

The thing with a lot of this cleaning, at least for me, is that it doesn’t even really take that long. I just don’t think about it very often. So, I’ve put together a list of chores and tasks that are often forgotten. We can tackle a few, just this once, in honor of the blue moon.

The best part is, it isn’t just about cleaning — the appliances in your home will run much more efficiently (saving money on energy) when they are cleaned regularly. Here are 15 things that should be cleaned a little more than once in a blue moon — especially since the next one isn’t until 2015!

I’ve included links to cleaning tutorials for a few of the less obvious chores. And, here’s a little secret — I didn’t even know you could clean your washer that way. I’m a little afraid to see how disgusting it is after all this time. Which chore have you put off the longest?

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