How To Organize Your Craft Supplies Like a Pro

How to organize craft supplies like a pro from

After recently tackling my closet and organizing it like a champ, the next mess I had to contend with was my craft supplies. Because boy, oh boy do I have a ton! Add in styling props for photoshoots and sometimes it really does feel like the house is being overrun. (Ok, I admit it. It feels that way more often than not!) Loving how cute it looked in my closet, I visited The Home Depot and picked up a second stackable 6 cube organizer and coordinating fabric drawers from Martha Stewart Living. Then I got to work! Ready to unearth your house from the piles of craft supplies lying all over the place? Here are my tips for how to organize your craft supplies like a pro!

How to organize craft supplies like a pro from

First up, I assembled cube organizer and found a good spot for it to reside. Then I set to work sifting through all of my boxes, bins and bags and organizing everything by category. Glues, adhesives, paper punches, craft papers, ribbons, scissors and craft knives, floral supplies, styling props by theme (such as kitchen, garden, party, etc.), office supplies, markers, rubber stamps, embossing powders, glitter, laminating supplies and so on. Once I had those piles created, I pulled out the things I use most regularly and started sorting them into fabric drawers by category. All of the things I use most often are now neat and tidy and easy to find!

How to organize craft supplies like a pro from

One thing I use a lot of is different kinds of glues and adhesive. Everything from Xyron adhesive, ModPodge, double-stick tape, Scotch tape, hot glue, tacky glue – you name it, I probably have it! Here you can see a look at my most-used glues and adhesives tucked inside a drawer…

How to organize craft supplies like a pro from

Scissors, paper punches, circle cutters, craft knives, and hole punches are another group of things I find myself grabbing for constantly. They definitely required their own drawer!

How to organize craft supplies like a pro from

Office supplies are another thing I wanted to keep readily at hand. Stamp pads, ink cartridges, rubber bands, paper clips, tape, etc. So all of these things got tucked in their own little drawer, too. No more hunting around for staples when I need them!

How to organize craft supplies like a pro from

Once I had my stackable organizer all filled up and labeled, I tackled the rest of my giant pile. Using the same sorting and categorizing system I tucked everything into small lidded Sterilite containers (the ones that are just a little larger than a shoebox) and slipped these onto a shelf in the closet around the corner from my desk. Now everything that isn’t right within reach is easy to find and close to get to, but contained! Ah, containment. It’s a beautiful thing! One final note – as I was going through this process I took advantage of that time to toss things like dried up markers, stubby colored pencils, and anything old or broken. I have so many supplies sometimes it’s hard to find things so weeding out things that are no longer usable to me makes everything else easier to find and put to good use.

And there you have it! Does anyone have an organization project to tackle this weekend? If so, have fun!

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