Organize Your Arts and Crafts Supplies with Ziploc Bags

If you’re anything like me, your arts and crafts supplies could one day threaten to take over your entire house if left to their own devises. I literally have more markers, pens, colored pencils, adhesives, glue sticks, tape, craft scissors, rubber bands, paper punches, ribbon, paper, and floral wire than I can even tell you. So a while back I decided it was time to get the craziness under control. The solution? Good ol’ fashioned trusty Ziploc bags! It’s such an easy but effective means to tame your craft supplies and have everything neat and tidy so you can find it at a moment’s notice. Here are 6 tips for organizing your craft supplies with Ziploc bags!

Tip #1 – Use snack size Ziploc bags to store and organize crayons! I like to sort them by color to make it easy to find just right the hue when the kids are waging a coloring contest war. I then put all of the snack size bags into a gallon size bag for stashing away between uses.

Tip #2 – Different kinds of projects call for different kinds of adhesives. I use snack or sandwich size bags to hold various tapes, hot glue sticks, tubes of glue and scrapbook adhesive. Then I just label each one so I know specifically what’s inside such as if they’re low temp hot glue sticks and permanent or temporary double-stick tape.

Tip #3 – Sort like items into larger gallon size Ziploc bags. I find that they’re perfect for holding things like craft scissors, bottles of finger paint and spoons of ribbon and twine. I put all of my various kinds of twine and string in one and spools of ribbon sorted by color into individual gallon size Ziploc bags.

Tip #4 – Glitter is undoubtedly the number one mess offender around my house. Once I started keeping the individual glitter bottles in snack size Ziploc bags (and then putting them all in a larger gallon size bag, of course) glittery messes being tracked everywhere were a thing of the past!

Tip #5 – You know all those random things you buy for one-off projects that you don’t know what to do with after? Like the foam balls you bought to help out with the solar system model for the science fair? I tuck everything into Ziploc bags and then put them all in a larger bag or a box, then label the outside with what’s inside. When other projects come up, I always review what I have before running off to the store.

Tip #6 – Capture all of those handy items that always prove to be elusive – such as rubber bands, rolls of tape and clothespins – in sandwich size Ziploc bags and tuck them all in the same drawer. If you need something for a project, they’ll always be handy and ready to go!

So there you have it! While this is just a few of the ways I use Ziploc bags to organize and store craft supplies, you definitely can’t go wrong! Just buy a bunch of bags in different sizes and organize to your little heart’s content. I actually find myself way more tempted to start a project when I know right where to find the things I need rather than having to dig all around, making me craft for more often. Happy crafting!

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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