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DIY gold striped filing cabinet from

A while back I was hunting around for a cool filing cabinet to add a bit of stylish organization to my home office. Swiftly I found out that “cool filing cabinet” is more than a bit of an oxymoron. Any of them that were remotely cool? Way over my budget. So, I put my thinking cap on and decided I’d seek out a standard filing cabinet and gussy it up with a bit of bling by way of gold metallic stripes. The result? Totally worth a couple hours worth of work and the few dollars I spent making it happen. Have an old filing cabinet that needs a bit of a facelift? Here’s how to dress it up with fun stripes!

First up, here are the supplies you need to get started –

– garbage bags or plastic sheeting (I used 4 kitchen size bags)
– painters tape
– spray paint (I used just a fraction of a can of Rustoleum Metallic Gold)
– tape measure
– marker in a color similar to your cabinet color

  • Before 1 of 10
    For my project I used this charcoal gray filing cabinet from OfficeMax. Here's how it looked straight out of the box. If you're using an old filing cabinet, you'll want to first remove the handles and give it a wipe down to get rid of any dust.
  • The Supplies 2 of 10
    The Supplies
    Next up, here are the supplies. Again you'll just need painters tape, spray paint in your color of choice, a tape measure, a marker or pencil, and plastic sheeting of some kind.
  • Tape Off Your Stripes 3 of 10
    Tape Off Your Stripes
    Start off by determining the size and location of your stripes. I decided I wanted two 2″ stripes, somewhat randomly spaced from each other with one cutting across each drawer. I opted to avoid where the handles will screw in and where the locking mechanism will go figuring those areas will get more handling and the paint might start to show wear. Making marks on either side of the cabinet front, I placed my tape at 3″ and 6″ from the top of the cabinet for the first stripe and 15″ and 18″ down for the second stripe.
  • Keep It Straight 4 of 10
    Keep It Straight
    Next up, simply make a mark on either side with your marker and then carefully adhere your tape in a straight line. I placed the tape along the front of the cabinet first, then worked my way around each side.
  • Mask Off with Plastic 5 of 10
    Mask Off with Plastic
    This step might be the most tedious, but it's crucial to ensuring a clean, professional look taping plastic (the garbage bags) to cover the areas you don't want painted. I just ripped the garbage bags into several pieces and taped the plastic to cover any area I didn't want gold. Carefully ensure that the plastic is completely taped down with no loose spots.
  • Spray Away! 6 of 10
    Spray Away!
    The painting part of the process is hands down the easiest and quickest. I applied four light coats with about fifteen minutes of drying time between coats. With spray paint remember that light coats in strokes that start off the edge of the piece and end off the opposite end is the best way to ensure a smooth finish with no drips.
  • After 7 of 10
    After allowing the final coat to dry for a couple of hours, I carefully pulled up the paint and removed the plastic. And voila!
  • Stripes After 8 of 10
    Stripes After
    I love how the bright gold add such a fun, modern touch to an otherwise boring filing cabinet.
  • Pretty Stripes 9 of 10
    Pretty Stripes
    Here's a close-up of the stripes! If you make sure your plastic and tape are smoothed down completely, you'll get a crisp clean edge to your stripes.
  • Filing Cabinet In Action 10 of 10
    Filing Cabinet In Action
    And here she is in action! It's such an unexpected and cool way to add a little personality to your office space. Switch up the colors to match your decor and have fun!

{Photos by Cyd Converse.}

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