Picking Up the Pieces

  • Crafty and Cute 1 of 19
    Crafty and Cute
    This would be a wonderful and simple project to try with older kids and would make a great homemade gift or wall art for their rooms! See the how-to at Craftster»
  • Pin and Bear It 2 of 19
    Pin and Bear It
    Utilize scraps of wrapping paper and scrapbook paper to dress up plain-old clothespins. These would be great organizing tools for school, bills, or other paperwork. See the how-to at October Afternoon»
  • The Write Stuff 3 of 19
    The Write Stuff
    Wouldnt a set of these decorative pencils make a beautiful, simple gift for that writer friend of yours? See the how-to at Design*Sponge »
  • Craft Rolled Flowers 4 of 19
    Craft Rolled Flowers
    These flowers look beautiful adorning a gift! Try using different patterns and materials to create them for that extra special effect. See the how-to at By Stephanie Lynn »
  • Make Finger Puppets 5 of 19
    Make Finger Puppets
    Who says an awesome afternoon has to come in a huge package? These tiny friends are easy to make and will provide hours of fun for you and your little ones. See the how-to at Gratefully Growing Grace »
  • A Piece of My Heart 6 of 19
    A Piece of My Heart
    Stuck with too-small scraps of felt in a million different colors? Theyll be perfect for this project. See the how-to at Two Girls Being Crafty »
  • Embellished and Beautiful 7 of 19
    Embellished and Beautiful
    Skip the shopping mall and give your current wardrobe a new look with felt scraps. This cardigan is so much sweeter with felt flowers added to it a great way to cover holes and make clothes last longer, too! See the how-to at A Beautiful Mess »
  • Sew an iPad Cover 8 of 19
    Sew an iPad Cover
    Proof that scraps are greater than the sum of their parts! Keep those new electronics safe with a beautiful cover made entirely from scraps. See the how-to at My Poppet »
  • The Greatest Gift 9 of 19
    The Greatest Gift
    Don't throw out those too-short ribbon ends simply knot them up for a bow so pretty, no one will guess it cost you nearly nothing. See the how-to at Lisa Storms »
  • Light Up a Room 10 of 19
    Light Up a Room
    This unique garland would be an awesome and inexpensive way to write up a little girls room. See the how-to at Whitney Caroline Designs »
  • Create Fabric Hair Bows 11 of 19
    Create Fabric Hair Bows
    Use a whole bunch of different patterns and colors for this sweet craft the finished project will be guaranteed to match any outfit in a little girls wardrobe. See the how-to at Whipup »
  • Crochet a Mug Cozy 12 of 19
    Crochet a Mug Cozy
    For the coffee or tea lovers in your life! A great way to start your yarn-bombing career. See the how-to at Crafty Anna »
  • Safe and Sound 13 of 19
    Safe and Sound
    These handy eyeglass pouches are made from just a small amount of leftover yarn. If your vision is perfect, give it to a bespectacled friend or use it to stash tiny trinkets. See the how-to at Martha Stewart »
  • Craft Pom-Pom Flowers 14 of 19
    Craft Pom-Pom Flowers
    Too busy to worry about real flowers? These beautiful pom-pom ones make a statement and require no water. This is also a wonderful embellishment for gift-wrapped packages. See the how-to at domestifluff »
  • Make Ornaments 15 of 19
    Make Ornaments
    These unique ornaments manage to give off both a homey and classic feel by combining cozy yarn with traditional glass ornament bulbs. See the how-to at Dollar Store Crafts »
  • Bookmark It! 16 of 19
    Bookmark It!
    Jazz up a gift for your favorite book lover by tucking this sweet message inside. This is an ideal craft for those oddly shaped scraps youre not sure what to do with. See the how-to at mmmcrafts »
  • Sew Musical! 17 of 19
    Sew Musical!
    Did you ever look at your pile of fabric and think, This would make a great CD holder? You will now. This tutorial proves it's a possibility with great results, at that. See the how-to at Puking Pastilles »
  • Sew Soft Baby Blocks 18 of 19
    Sew Soft Baby Blocks
    Tiny baby blocks mean even your smallest scraps can get used up in this project. See the how-to at Zaaberry »
  • You Better Be-Weave It 19 of 19
    You Better Be-Weave It
    Never have rags looked so pretty save all of your scraps to make a functional rug for the kitchen or a kids room.See the how-to at Craft Passion »
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